Classification of Products Overview of the Industry B2B Paint & Coatings Industry


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Classification of Products Overview of the Industry B2B Paint & Coatings Industry

Bob Jones University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, B2B Paint & Coatings Industry Abhiroop Gandhi, Max Hernandez-Toso, Yanqiu Hou, Andrew Jones, Lauren King Overview of the Industry ?It would be hard so that find a manufacturer in the United States that doesn’t rely on the contribution of paints in addition to coatings so that add value so that its own products. Sales of paints in addition to coatings manufacturers in 1997 were $16.4 billion, an increase of 3.3 percent from the 1995 level of $15.9 billion.? Source: National Paint & Coatings Association (NPCA) Classification of Products Architectural coatings the products everyone knows as “paints” account in consideration of 37.2 percent of the industry’s annual sales, or approximately $6.1 billion annually. Industrial coatings make up another 35.4 percent, 5.8 billion. 17.6 percent, or nearly $2.9 billion, fall into a “special purpose” category. The remaining 9.8 percent, or $1.6 billion, represent miscellaneous paint products. Source: National Paint & Coatings Association (NPCA)

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Industry Issues Heavy regulation by the EPA in addition to other agencies EPA proposes so that append National emissions standards in consideration of hazardous air pollutants 4 Compliance Assistance Centers in consideration of the paints in addition to coatings industry established (NPCA news) Anti-graffiti project Old-lead paint (currently a law-suit pending) Managing left-over paint in addition to pollutants Value Chain Coating Manufacturers Industrial Coatings Architectural Coatings OEM Retailers End User Chemical Suppliers -Solvents -Resins -Dryers -etc. Major Players by Categories Source: Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine

Who are the Customers? Industry Service ChemConnect brings together three user communities: Suppliers of chemicals in addition to plastics Buyers who use chemicals, plastics in manufacturing operations Intermediaries Buyers in addition to sellers from around the world, meet online, in real time, so that conduct business. Source: ChemConnect Inc. chemconnect Who are the Customers? (Cont?d) Original Equipment Manufacturers Wood, metal, in addition to plastic finishers Automotive companies Aviation companies After-Market Manufacturers Eastman E-commerce Site Demo The first chemical company in the world so that offer online e-commerce capabilities Mission: ?To be the world?s preferred chemical company, we are dedicated so that creating superior value in consideration of customers demanding plastics, chemicals, in addition to fibers, focusing on exceeding customer expectations while achieving our major improvement opportunities.?

Data Center Network Topologies: VL2 (Virtual Layer 2) Hakim Weatherspoon Where are we in the semester? Goals in consideration of Today Conventional DCN Problems Objectives: Measurements in addition to Implications of DCN Measurements in addition to Implications of DCN Virtual Layer 2 Switch (VL2) Virtual Layer 2 Switch (VL2) VL2 Goals in addition to Solutions Name/Location Separation Clos Network Topology Valiant Load Balancing: Indirection VL2 Directory System Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Perspective Critique VL2 vs. SEATTLE Other Data Center Architectures Ongoing Research Research Questions Research Questions Before Next time

Chemconnect Home Page Offers personalized member accounts Industry Service?s Operations Register in consideration of first users/Log on personal accounts in consideration of registered users. Search database by application, property, name or trademark, etc. 24/7 place in addition to revise orders Find the status of orders. Review order status, summary of purchases. Track goods shipments. Find supports from online customer help. How Do They Attract Business Online? Word of mouth Media advertising Direct mail Corporate affiliation Product catalog Search engines Links from associations, societies, etc.

Primary Value Additions Customers will be able so that access a broader, more competitive supply base alongside lower product prices, as well as benefit from increased efficiency in the procurement process. Manufacturers will benefit from reduced marketing in addition to selling costs, wider customer reach alongside greater visibility, improved inventory management in addition to access so that valuable information about buying trends. Distributors will have exposure so that a broader, more competitive supply base, lower sales in addition to marketing costs through increased efficiency, in addition to access so that new customers. Why is Eastman Moving Their Business Online? B2B E-commerce offers Eastman the opportunity so that shape a new Internet marketplace, work alongside a strongly branded B2B technology company alongside vertical market expertise, in addition to broaden its growing e-commerce platform. “By creating an open in addition to neutral Internet marketplace, online market will improve efficiency in the supply chain in consideration of Eastman in addition to our suppliers, as well as in consideration of all buyers in addition to suppliers of these products.? Source: Eastman Chemical News Release 02/10/2000 How so that Lock-in Customers Host procurement solutions on site, in addition to offer consultant services (Ex: logistics planning) Customer services: online tutorials, consulting programs, etc. Become more of a market aggregator so that attract a larger audience Personalized accounts Free domain search in consideration of both guests in addition to members Newsgroups, updated news, articles

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