Clinical Cohort Application A pplying to the Clinical Cohort Creating your Binder Creating your Binder

Clinical Cohort Application A pplying to the Clinical Cohort Creating your Binder Creating your Binder

Clinical Cohort Application A pplying to the Clinical Cohort Creating your Binder Creating your Binder

Michaels, Pat, Morning Drive-Time Personality has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Clinical Cohort ApplicationApplication HelpApplying to the Clinical CohortClick on PDF icon to open Application 2 Clinical Cohort Binder Directions This same document is on our websiteFollow the directions found in this documentIf you want, take some of the suggestions I offer in this PPTCreating your BinderUse a 1-inch, 3 ring binder as long as Application materialsPut your name on Front in addition to Spine of BinderPlease 3-hole punch the following materials:ResumePersonal StatementField Experience AgreementTerms of AgreementPut materials in the order listed in the directionsDo NOT use plastic covers as long as your materials; it makes things more difficult as long as us

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Creating your BinderInclude School Counselor Role Assignment & Assertion Paper, including rubrics with instructor comments, in the back of binder.You do not HAVE to 3-hole punch these assignments but you can if you’d likeDeadline as long as submission is: First Monday of March OR the First Monday of NovemberSubmit to the main office of the School of Education, the ground floor of Hillside HallIf you’d like, you may email Dr. Bradley to confirm receipt of your Binder, Creating your ResumeBe Clear, Specific & Succinct about Degrees earned & Dates earnedEducation awards in addition to /or accolades (not required)Pre-requisite or Pre-Cores taken & Dates takenSimply list this in as long as mation Do not ‘add’ extras trying to fill space hereSpecificity, Clarity & Succinct in as long as mation is Best Resume: Employment In as long as mationFollow the EXAMPLE provided in the Directions.This is not a 1-page resume; this is like a Curriculum VitaProvide clear description & explanation of Work history & responsibilities & experiencesDates & duration of your experiencesWork experience with kids & age(s) of these kids‘Leadership’ responsibilities or experiences (not required)Experiences with ethnically diverse students (not required)Experience with Special Education students (not required)Does your description & explanation provide a ‘picture’ of your job(s)

Resume: Volunteer WorkList only ‘significant’ volunteer work, meaning:Do NOT include something you did onceONLY relevant volunteer experiences (do not include ‘filing or other clerical’ experiences)Clearly describe & explain volunteer experienceMake sure reader underst in addition to s:the experience(s) you hadwhat you did exactly how it relates to helping others, kids, diversity, advocacy, school issues, working with parents, etc. Resume: Bonus ExperiencesDescribe & Explain your experiences working with:Ethnically diverse populationsSpecial Education studentsLeadership PositionsTraining beneficial to School CounselorsBe Clear, Be Specific, Provide Detail about:the experience(s) you hadwhat you did exactly What you learnedWhy you believe this experience was significantEmployment, Bonus, or Volunteer ExperiencesWonder if something should be included under Employment In as long as mation, Bonus OR Volunteer Experience Put the in as long as mation in BOTH placesIts possible the in as long as mation belongs in BOTH placesIf the info only belonged in 1 place, you will NOT be penalized as long as putting it in two placesWe would rather have to ‘eliminate’ a piece of in as long as mation because you put it in two places than NOT give you credit as long as something because it was NOT in two places.

Resume: Tips & SuggestionsBe as clear & specific as possibleBe honest & directDo NOT ‘add extras’ trying to fill spaceProofreadAsk someone to read it as long as clarityAsk someone who knows little about your job to read itSee if they underst in addition to itMake edits as neededPersonal StatementAnswer each question listed.Do the experiences you described help us underst in addition to youDoes it explain WHY you want to be a School CounselorBe Clear! Be Specific!ProofreadAsk another person to read it!Do they better underst in addition to you after reading it!Use Double-Space, 12pt Times New Roman FontLetters of RecommendationWill be done ELECTRONICALLY now!Email Dr. Bradley, at in addition to Provide Dr. B the following in as long as mation about EACH of your recommenders:Recommenders Full Name & Professional TitleRecommenders Email AddressRecommenders work phone numberFor your G500 Recommender, Dr. Bradley only needs their name & email addressDr. Bradley will send a link to each of your recommenders

In Person InterviewsC in addition to idates may participate in In-Person InterviewsC in addition to idate will have 2 consecutive, individual interviews, each about 25 minutes. Someone will contact you via email to schedule your interview We will use the email you provide in your ResumeYou will NOT participate in a short activity; you are finished after your second interview is completeIn Person InterviewsTo prepare as long as your Interview, I suggest:You consider why you want to be a school counselorReview your Personal StatementRemember, you will NOT participate in an activity following your interviewsNotification of your AcceptanceYou will be notified of your acceptance in 4 – 6 weeks. You will receive an email If accepted you will be expected to start classes immediatelyIf accepted you will be given in as long as mation about enrollment, books, in addition to other materials needed as long as the cohort

Have QuestionsEmail Dr. Bradley at or Dr. PH at spodikun@ius.eduSome questions we cannot answer; we cannot read materials prior to submission; But if you have a question, you can email Dr. Bradley or Dr. PH in addition to if we are able, we will provide you an answerBEST OF LUCK!!!

Michaels, Pat KAFF-AM Morning Drive-Time Personality

Michaels, Pat Morning Drive-Time Personality

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