Clubs & Organizations Presidents’ Workshop Resources & Services Resources & Services Cont.

Clubs & Organizations Presidents’ Workshop Resources & Services Resources & Services Cont.

Clubs & Organizations Presidents’ Workshop Resources & Services Resources & Services Cont.

Hanson, Erik, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Clubs & Organizations Presidents’ WorkshopIntroductions & HousekeepingDon’t as long as get to sign-in in addition to out of this workshopYour organization will not get credit if you leave earlyThis presentation will be available online on the OSL webpage under club resourcesResources & ServicesOffice of Student Life & Cultural Centers (26-124 Main Office)Mailboxes & Packages – check it frequentlyYour Club Namec/o Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers3801 W. Temple Ave, Pomona, CA 91768Posting ApprovalArchives – club bylaws & officer historyUniversal Signers –La’Keisha Beard, Jami Grosser, Sharon Rocacorba & Byron HowlettMake the ef as long as t to seek out your advisor(s)Allow 72 hours turn-around time Universal signer will contact the advisor directly to let them know that a universal signer has been requested in addition to to seek the advisor’s approval. There will be no automatic universal signing without the waiting period of 72 hours. Please send a designee to pick up the document after 72 hours at OSLCC Main Office.

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Resources & Services Cont.Club/Vendor Program –Anita RobertsLeadership Library (e.g. Icebreakers)Non-Profit Status Confirmation & Tax ID number. We will fax the number directly to the requestor. Print the as long as m in addition to submit it to the OSLCC main office: Resources Websites: Club ResourcesCal Poly Pomona Day at the FairRegistration Process

Registration DeadlinesClubs in addition to Organizations: August 1, 2013Greek Organizations: August 1, 2013Annual Registration Process (Re-Chartering)Items to complete in addition to submit as long as the re-chartering process:Complete in myBAR: Club/Org Description , Executive Board members, Hazing Policy, Non-Discrimination as long as m in addition to a Profile & a Profile Picture of the club/Organization.Upload to myBAR: Advisor Application & BylawsAttend a Presidents’, Treasurer’s in addition to Scheduler’s WorkshopEvery President, Treasurer in addition to Scheduler must attend to at least oneNo RSVP or registration requiredAll designated Schedulers are required to successfully complete a quiz regarding scheduling in order to be certified as your organization’s designated Scheduler. The quiz will be given at the conclusion of the workshop attended.Steps in Re-Chartering ProcessGreek OrganizationsAll Re-Chartering items as other clubs plus the following:Upload to myBAR: Greek Calendar as long as Fall, Copy of Current InsuranceComplete in myBAR: Tax Payer ID number, Off Campus Advisor including: Email, Phone Number in addition to Title

M in addition to atory Scheduler Workshop DatesMay 23rd Thurs. 10:00-11:30AM BSC Orion ABMay 28th Tues. 10:00-11:30AM BSC Andromeda ABJune 4th Tues. 10:00-11:30AM BSC Andromeda ABJune 13th Thurs. 2:00-3:00PM BSC Andromeda ABJune 27th Thurs. 2:00-3:00PM BSC Andromeda ABJuly 11th Thurs. 10:00-11:30AM BSC Andromeda ABJuly 18th Thurs. 2:00-3:00PM BSC Andromeda ABJuly 30th Tues. 2:00-3:00PM BSC Andromeda ABWhat is My Bronco Activity Record (myBAR) is a program designed to keep track of your club membership(s), leadership role(s), awards earned, employment in addition to involvement on & off campus.Use your myBAR Summary Report to prepare your resume, apply as long as internship opportunities, graduate school, awards in addition to scholarships. It is an essential part of the club re-chartering process, myBAR can also help clubs/orgs: Access myBAR at: club membershipKeep record of club leadership rolesCommunicate with current & past club membersOutreach to students interested in your club or organizationmyBAR Workshops Dates DATE TIME LOCATIONMay 23rd 12:00-1:00PM CLA 98-C51620June 5th 1:00-2:00PM CLA 98-C51620June 20th 10:00-11:00AM CLA 98-C51620July 23rd 10:00-11:00AM CLA 98-C51620

Campus PoliciesExecutive Order 1068 Student organizations shall not have any rules or policies that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability.All must be open to all currently enrolled students, except social fraternities/sororities in addition to living groups may impose gender limitations. Honor societies with national GPA requirements are not considered a discrimination.Executive Order 1006 Student OrganizationsMinimum Requirements as long as Club Recognition:Minimum of 5 CSU students, enrolled in at least 1 classExecutive Board must earn 9 units per quarter while holding office (4 units as long as graduate students)Executive Board must maintain a minimum 2.0 Overall GPA in addition to good academic st in addition to ing while in officeMaximum of 20% of members can be non-CSU students, in addition to only CPP students may have voting privileges (fraternities/sororities may have provision waived)Read it here:

Executive Order 1006 Advisor EligibilityOne university advisor is required: Full or part-time faculty or professional staff (non-auxiliary i.e. Foundation in addition to /or ASI)Recommended to have two advisorsThe Primary Advisor may not be on leave during any part of the year (i.e. sabbatical)Must be at least 21 years oldMust be approved by the supervisor / Dept. ChairRead more here: summary, the EO1041 requires that: 1) Students participating in CSU-sponsored air travel that is not regulated by the US department of transportation must purchase life in addition to personal injury insurance [see attachment A, Student Safety, 3].2) If your organization charters a bus, the company must include indemnity in addition to co-insurance provisions [outlined in Attachment G of the executive order] in the contract.3) All students participating in air or bus travel with your organization must sign an Activity Release Form Students participating in CSU-affiliated programs which require travel do so on a voluntary basis in addition to participate at their own risk. Travel involves risks to personal safety which could result in damage to property, injury or death. Students participating in such travel are required to read the “Notice to Students: Release, Hold harmless in addition to In as long as med Consent Provisions as long as Student Travel ” in addition to to sign a “Release, Hold-Harmless in addition to In as long as med Consent” statement. Read it here: Order 1041 Student TravelCampus Posting & Chalking Policy: in addition to %20Chalking%20Policy%20Updated%202007%20Final.pdf Approval stamps: Come to OSLCC & Bring 2 copies!Copies must have organization name, date, in addition to contact infoHousing has their own posting policy. may take down expired posters but you are encouraged toYour club in addition to organization is responsible as long as knowing the posting in addition to chalking policiesTeach your new officers in addition to membersPosting & Chalking Policy

All on-campus student club’s in addition to organization’s events must be alcohol free.Being under the influence in a public place is a misdemeanor in Cali as long as niaAccording to Cal Poly Pomona’s Alcohol in addition to Other Drugs Policy:The unlawful possession, use, production, distribution, or sale of illicit drugs or drug-related paraphernalia, tobacco in addition to /or alcohol, by any faculty, staff, student, or visitor is strictly prohibited in the workplace, on University premises, at University activities, or on University business, on campus or off. Click on this link as long as more details: Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy Alcohol & Other Drugs PolicyAlcohol Abuse Referrals: Counseling in addition to Psychological Services,Building 66, Room 116 (Bookstore Building)(909)869-3220Alcohol & Other Drugs PolicyCampus Blood Drives When planning a Blood Drive on Campus, please go through the Student Health Services.Do not use Life Stream.

Hazing: any behavior or activity that causes physical harm, personal degradation, or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm.Consent of a victim of hazing is not a defense.Being a byst in addition to er of hazing is a violation of this code. All officers, members, advisors, in addition to alumnae can be affected by allegations of hazing. St in addition to ards as long as Student Conduct Hazing According to the Student Code of Conduct HazingHazing is defined as any method of initiation or pre-initiation into a student organization or student body, whether or not the organization or body is officially recognized by an educational institution, which is likely to cause serious bodily injury to any as long as mer, current, or prospective student of any school, community college, college, university or other educational institution in this state (Penal Code 245.6), in addition to in addition, any act likely to cause physical harm, personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm, to any as long as mer, current, or prospective student of any school, community college, college, university or other educational institution. The term “hazing“ does not include customary athletic events or school sanctioned events.Neither the express or implied consent of a victim of hazing, nor the lack of active participation in a particular hazing incident is a defense. Risk ManagementOff-Campus Events:The University assumes no responsibility or liability as long as off-campus events sponsored by student clubs/organizations. Off-Campus events may NOT use “Cal Poly Pomona” in its publicity of the event. ASI Business Services reserves the right not to reimburse costs as long as risky eventsTravel: Release of Liability Form & Driving- CA LawsStudent Travel Forms :Student Travel Release Notice – Part 1 (Please review) Release, Hold Harmless in addition to In as long as med Consent – Part 2 Complete, print in addition to submit completed as long as ms to Club Advisor, Club President or Trip Coordinator

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Risk Management Cont.Note: As with academic fieldtrips, students driving their own vehicles to in addition to from a club-related activity or event do so at their own expense in addition to their own liability. As required by law Drivers must have a valid driver’s license in addition to proof of liability insurance in their possession as long as the minimum amount prescribed by State Law; all persons in the vehicle must wear safety belts in addition to the vehicle must be in safe mechanical condition.CPP Risk Management: Valerie Eberle ( Risk Management FAQ’s: group meetings in addition to functionsAssist with interpreting campus policies & proceduresCommunicate with student leadersServe as authorized signer Ensure that students meet all officer eligibility requirements (GPA & unit load)Provide advice in addition to guidance:Calendar planningLeadership style feedbackTime managementInterpersonal conflict mediationUsing campus resourcesAssist with the annual registration processThe Role of an Advisor

Organization should:Include Advisor in communicationsProvide contact in as long as mation of all officersProvide minutes of all meetingsProvide updates as long as all eventsInvite Advisor to organization’s functions in addition to meetingsCommunication with AdvisorAdvisor’s Workshops Dates DATE TIME LOCATIONMay 21st 12:00-1:00PM BSC ORION ABJune 5th 11:00-12:00PM BSC CENTAURUS June 18th 12:00-1:00PM BSC CENTAURUSJuly 11th 11:00-12:00PM BSC ANDROMEDAJuly 31st 11:00-12:00PM BSC ENGLAND EVANSAugust 8th 11:00-12:00PM BSC ANDROMEDAAugust 28th 11:00-12:00PM BSC ENGLAND EVANSSeptember 5th 11:00-12:00PM BSC ANDROMEDASeptember 11th 11:00-12:00PM BSC ENGLAND EVANSWhen you receive a donation (cash or in-kind) contact Carol Lee in the VP as long as Student Affairs Office (98T-6-19) if you want your donor to receive an official acknowledgment letter from the campus.Call: (909) 869-2922 or clee@csupomona.eduYou will need to provide your ASI account number in addition to club nameChecks should be written out to the club. VPSA will process the Acceptance of Gift as long as m in addition to submit the check with the as long as m to Gift Processing. Gift Processing then generates a tax receipt in addition to deposits the check into the student club’s ASI account. Fundraising

Questions La’Keisha BeardInterim Senior Coordinator, Student Life & African American Student Center Coordinatorldgil as long as (909) 869-5007Building 26-124 (OSLCC Main Office) BRONCOS!

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