College Physics Introduction in addition to Chapter 1 Measurements

College Physics Introduction in addition to Chapter 1 Measurements

College Physics Introduction in addition to Chapter 1 Measurements

Mila, Jeff, Food Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal College Physics Introduction in addition to Chapter 1 Measurements Basis of testing theories in science Need to have consistent systems of units as long as the measurements Uncertainties are inherent Need rules as long as dealing with the uncertainties Systems of Measurement St in addition to ardized systems agreed upon by some authority, usually a governmental body SI – Systéme International agreed to in 1960 by an international committee main system used in this text also called mks as long as the first letters in the units of the fundamental quantities

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Basic Quantities in addition to Their Dimension Length [L] Mass [M] Time [T] St in addition to ard Kilogram Dimensional Analysis Technique to check the correctness of an equation Dimensions (length, mass, time, combinations) can be treated as algebraic quantities add, subtract, multiply, divide Both sides of equation must have the same dimensions

Operations with Significant Figures Accuracy – number of significant figures When multiplying or dividing, round the result to the same accuracy as the least accurate measurement When adding or subtracting, round the result to the smallest number of decimal places of any term in the sum Conversions When units are not consistent, you may need to convert to appropriate ones Units can be treated like algebraic quantities that can divide out See the inside of the front cover as long as an extensive list of conversion factors How Fast is 1 m/s Examples of various units measuring a quantity

Order of Magnitude Approximation based on a number of assumptions may need to modify assumptions if more precise results are needed Order of magnitude is the power of 10 that applies Cartesian coordinate system also called rectangular coordinate system x- in addition to y- axes points are labeled (x,y) Plane polar coordinate system origin in addition to reference line are noted point is distance r from the origin in the direction of angle , ccw from reference line points are labeled (r,)

Trigonometry Review More Trigonometry Pythagorean Theorem To find an angle, you need the inverse trig function as long as example, Slide Fig. 1.7, p.14

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