Communication Communication Communication (Wiley 1983) Communication (Wiley 1983) Alarm Calls

Communication Communication Communication (Wiley 1983) Communication (Wiley 1983) Alarm Calls

Communication Communication Communication (Wiley 1983) Communication (Wiley 1983) Alarm Calls

Knight, Maria, Morning Show Co-Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal CommunicationCommunicationWhat is CommunicationAn action on the part of one organism that alters the probability pattern of behavior in another organism in a fashion adaptive to either one or both of the participants (Wilson 1975)Communication (Wiley 1983)

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Communication (Wiley 1983)True Communication – Both Sender in addition to Receiver benefitManipulation – Sender benefits / Receiver is unaffected or harmedEavesdropping – Sender is unaffected or harmed / Receiver benefitsIgnoring – neither Sender or Receiver is harmedAlarm CallsVocalizations – Vervet MonkeysDifferent CallsSnake = ChutterLeopard = BarkingEagle = CoughHow do they SignalDiscreteear positionPointed Up – greetingLaid back – threatGradedMouthClosed – mildOpen – More intense

Pseudopenis of the Female Spotted HyenaPseudopenis of the Female Spotted HyenaProximate CausesStephan J. GouldPseudopenis due to proximate causeHigh levels of in addition to rogen during developmentSuggests proximate cause outweighs adaptive significance (ultimate cause)

Other CausesJohn AlcockSuggests proximate cause may not be as strong a Gould suggestsContends Gould is against SociobiologyAdaptationist Hypothesis (Ultimate Cause)Pseudopenis of the Female Spotted HyenaDominance of the Female Spotted HyenaAdaptive Behavior – more in addition to rogen / more aggressionBy-product is pseudopenis

Dominance HierarchiesDominance Hierarchies Rhesus MonkeysMother’s RankMales leave at puberty (3 ½ years) – rank is decided by new group in addition to the males relationship with dominant femalesDominance Hierarchies Rhesus MonkeysDominant males don’t lead group in addition to aren’t even the ones having the most children (even having 1st access to females)Dominant males stay out of fightsTestosterone levels

Dominance HierarchiesInfanticide – Lions (Pusey in addition to Packer 1987)New Males take over prideKill smaller cubsDrive off older cubs in addition to subadultsAccounts as long as ¼ of cub deaths

Dominance HierarchiesCostsSo busy displaying dominance that lesser males do all the breedingDoesn’t necessarily translate to having more childrenAchieving rank may have reproductive costsBenefitsLess energy spent fighting over resourcesLess stress among all individualsHigher testosterone levelsEvolution of a Sensory SystemEvolution of a Sensory System

Evolution of a Sensory SystemHonest SignalsHonest SignalHow much food do I needBrood Parasites (European Cuckoo)Increase amount of food by tricking parents

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Illegitimate ReceiversTungara FrogWhine-chuckWhine onlyIllegitimate receiversMobbing CallAttract with other mobbers if hawk is perchedSeet CallWarning sound if hawk is in the airdoesn’t travel as farRange of sound hard as long as hawk to hear Illegitimate SignalersFemme fatales

Illegitimate SignalersAngler FishSolving Problems – Group ForagingFood BonanzasYell as long as othersSolving Problems – Group ForagingHoneybeesRound DanceSickle DanceWaggle Dance

Talking AnimalsNim ChimpskyTalking ChimpTalking AnimalsAlexTalking ParrotTalking AnimalsKokoTalking Gorilla

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