Community Assessment Training 1-1Community Assessment Training 1-2Community Asse

Community Assessment Training 1-1Community Assessment Training 1-2Community Asse

Community Assessment Training 1-1Community Assessment Training 1-2Community Asse

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Community Assessment Training1-4 The goal of the Community Assessment Training (CAT) is to build the Community Board’s capacity to conduct a community risk in addition to protective factor assessment.Community Assessment Training 1-5Describe the steps in the community assessment process.Explain the purpose in addition to uses of the community assessment.Develop in addition to carry out a plan as long as completing the assessment.Communicate the assessment results to the Community Board in addition to Key Leaders.Community Assessment Training 1-6

OverviewWrap-up in addition to evaluationsUsing the Communities That Care Youth Survey ReportCollecting Archival DataIdentifying PrioritiesPreparing a Community Assessment ReportNext StepsCommunity Assessment Training 1-7Review of membership of Key Leaders in addition to Community BoardActivities since the Community Board OrientationKey accomplishments to dateCommunities That Care Youth Survey progressIssues, barriers in addition to solutionsCommunity Assessment Training 1-8Public health approachCommunity Assessment Training 1-9Demonstrated predictors:Risk factorsProtective factors organized by the Social Development Strategy (SDS)Tested, effective programs

Exist in all areas of influenceCommunity Assessment Training 1-10Predict multiple problem behaviorsExist throughout developmentHave consistent effects across races in addition to culturesCan be buffered by protective factors. Media portrayals of violence Availability of drugs Availability of firearms Community laws in addition to norms favorable toward drug use, firearms in addition to crime Transitions in addition to mobility Low neighborhood attachment in addition to community disorganization Extreme economic deprivationCommunity Assessment Training 1-11Family history of the problem behaviorFamily management problemsFamily conflictFavorable parental attitudes in addition to involvement in the problem behaviorCommunity Assessment Training 1-12

Academic failure beginning in late elementary schoolLack of commitment to schoolCommunity Assessment Training 1-13Early in addition to persistent antisocial behaviorConstitutional factorsRebelliousnessFriends who engage in the problem behaviorFavorable attitudes toward the problem behaviorEarly initiation of the problem behaviorGang involvementCommunity Assessment Training 1-14Community Assessment Training 1-15The goal Healthy behaviors as long as all children in addition to youthStart with Healthy beliefs & clear st in addition to ards in families, schools, communities in addition to peer groupsBuild Bonding Attachment Commitment to families, schools, communities in addition to peer groupsAnd by nurturing Individual characteristics By providing By providing By providing Opportunities Skills Recognition in families, schools, communities in addition to peer groups

Sort the c in addition to y.Record your findings.Report the results.Community Assessment Training 1-16 Communities That Care Youth SurveyArchival DataPrioritization: Geographic Areas/Populations Risk in addition to Protective Factors 2-5 Priority Risk & Protective FactorsCommunity StrengthsCommunity Assessment ReportCommunity Assessment Training 1-17Youth problem behaviorsRisk factorsProtective factorsCommunity Assessment Training 1-18

Communities That Care Youth SurveyArchival dataCommunity Assessment Training 1-19Community Assessment Report.Community Assessment Training 1-20Priorities as long as prevention planning.Create a community-specific profileDevelop a focus as long as prevention planningMobilize the communityAddress misconceptions. Community Assessment Training 1-21

Establish baseline in addition to expected outcomes as long as prevention planning processHelp select effective prevention programsEvaluate progressSupport fund development.Community Assessment Training 1-22Community Assessment Training1-23Community Assessment Training 2-1

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Community Assessment Training2-2 To prepare you to interpret in addition to use your Communities That Care Youth Survey results to identify priority risk in addition to protective factors.Community Assessment Training 2-3Underst in addition to the background in addition to validation of the Communities That Care Youth Survey.Become familiar with the Communities That Care Youth Survey report.Interpret the survey results in addition to identify community strengths in addition to challenges.Community Assessment Training 2-4

Communities That Care Youth SurveyArchival dataPrioritization: Geographic areas in addition to populations Risk in addition to protective factors 2-5 priority risk & protective factorsCommunity strengthsCommunity Assessment ReportCommunity Assessment Training 2-5Develop a focus as long as planning.Establish baseline data in addition to expected outcomes. Conduct public relations in addition to outreach.Support fund development.Community Assessment Training 2-6Was developed from solid researchUses valid in addition to reliable measuresIs valid across gender in addition to age groupsIs valid across racial in addition to ethnic groups.Community Assessment Training 2-7

Community Assessment Training 6-14Prepare in addition to distribute final work plan.Communicate the plan to stakeholders.Schedule next meeting of work group.Determine what tasks will be completed be as long as e the next meeting.Plan as long as the Community Assessment Resources Training.Community Assessment Training 6-15

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