Community Development 101 Defining Community Development Development “In” vs. “Of” Community

Community Development 101 Defining Community Development Development “In” vs. “Of” Community

Community Development 101 Defining Community Development Development “In” vs. “Of” Community

Van Dyken, Amy, Morning Show Co-Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Community Development 101Bo Beaulieu, Purdue Center as long as Regional DevelopmentRachel Welborn, Southern Rural Development CenterDefining Community DevelopmentA group of people in a community reaching a decision to initiate a planned intervention to change their economic, social, cultural or environmental situation.- Christenson in addition to Robinson, 1978Development “In” vs. “Of” CommunityIN: Building the economic or physical infrastructure of a community (bricks & mortar approach)OF: Building the human capacity to address local issues in addition to concerns; alter the structure of the community in terms of engagement

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Reasons as long as Doing Community Exp in addition to participationReact to proposed changes that are deemed to have potential negative consequences as long as the community Improve serious severe social, economic or environmental problems Satisfy missing needs or resourcesThree Approaches to Community DevelopmentTechnical AssistanceConflict ApproachSelf-Help ApproachTechnical Assistance ApproachInvolves the delivery of programs or services Involves “top-down” use of experts Focuses on the task to be per as long as medAssumes the answers needed are scientificRequires residents to underst in addition to complex in as long as mation to participate Defines local citizens as consumersIs often used by government

The Conflict ApproachFocuses on deliberate use of confrontation by professional organizersHas the redistribution of power as its goalInvolves confronting the as long as ces that are blocking ef as long as ts to solve problemsFosters suspicion of those who have as long as mal community powerAssumes power is never given away, that it has to be takenThe Self-Help ApproachEncourages people within the community to work together Employs collaboration to provide important needs in addition to servicesEmphases the process above the task or goal Comparing CD Models

Two Examples of “Self-Help” Approaches to Community DevelopmentAsset-Based Community Development: Four Key ArenasPeopleLocal Formal InstitutionsVoluntaryAssociationsPhysical ResourcesSource: Kretzmann & McKnight (1993)Assets of People Talents in addition to skills of people in your communityPeople in key positions with access to important resources

Voluntary AssociationsRely on regular or occasional volunteersHave few, if any, paid staffHave autonomy from the stateAre usually self-governed by a board of unpaid individualsTend to be not- as long as -profit organizationsProvide a benefit or service to non-membersSource: Local InstitutionsFormal organizations that Provide programs, facilities in addition to services to meet needs of residents.Carrying out functions vital to long-term community sustainability.Influence the vitality of a community by their presence in addition to strengthInclude family, education, economic, health, political/governmental, in addition to religious institutions.Source: Etzen in addition to Baca-Zinn, 2001;, 2006Physical Resources Natural & Human-MadeWater in addition to l in addition to -related amenitiesVacant in addition to underused buildingsHistorical & cultural sitesRecreational facilities & parksEducational centers Health-related structuresRoads & transportation systems

The Community Capitals FrameworkSources: Flora & Flora (2008); Jacobs (2007)The Seven Community CapitalsA Vibrant CommunityDefining the Capitals

The Spiraling Up of Community CapitalsMore educated/creative workers stay or are attracted to the region Banks & community foundation create small loan programLaunch entrepreneurship programWork to retain in addition to exp in addition to existing local businessesLeaders reach out in addition to gather input from local residentsSocial &Political Built, Human, Financial & SocialHuman, Financial, Social & BuiltFinancialHuman,Social & Political Spiraling UpSource: Emery & Flora (2006)Applying These Approaches to our Extension WorkThe Asset Mapping ArenasThe Community CapitalsAn Example to Guide You

Let’s Try the ProcessSelect a goal relevant to your Extension program area.Develop a list of assets (people, voluntary associations, as long as mal institutions in addition to physical resources) that you can tap to helpUse the seven capitals to assess if the full breath of assets have been identified.Final ReflectionsInsights gainedIssues to clarify or discussType of training needed to advance your Extension work For More In as long as mation Bo Beaulieu, PhDDirectorPurdue Center as long as Regional DevelopmentPurdue Rachel WelbornProgram ManagerSouthern Rural Development CenterMS State

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