Community Sector Work as long as ce Capability Framework Project Implementing the Communi

Community Sector Work as long as ce Capability Framework Project Implementing the Communi

Community Sector Work as long as ce Capability Framework Project Implementing the Communi

Lee, Renee, Features Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Community Sector Work as long as ce Capability Framework Project Implementing the Community Sector Work as long as ce Capability Framework Session 1 Introduction Overview of Work as long as ce Capability Framework Familiarisation Recruitment in addition to Selection BREAK Session 2 Per as long as mance Appraisal Learning in addition to Development, Career Planning How can we use the Capability Framework Agenda Underst in addition to the Community Sector Work as long as ce Capability Framework development content possible uses Implement the Capability Framework use tools developed adapt to meet requirements of own organisation Purpose of session

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Emergency exits Mobile phones off or silent Break times Facilities Housekeeping Describes the skills in addition to behaviours that people will demonstrate if they are doing high quality work Covers a range of job roles in addition to /or work contexts Used to assist with: job design recruitment in addition to selection self assessment per as long as mance appraisal learning in addition to development other HR functions What is a capability framework Complexity of client needs in addition to contexts Problems finding people with right skills as long as the work Problems with retaining skilled staff Career progression / pathways Lack of recognition of skills in addition to their transferability Multiple qualifications, awards in addition to pay levels Smaller organisations without dedicated HR practitioners or infrastructure resourcing but lots of examples of brilliant in addition to innovative work, commitment in addition to optimism Why is a capability framework important

Developed with help of NFP peak bodies, community organisations in addition to individuals within sector – 2010 Trialled in addition to implemented in number of organisations – 2010 in addition to 2011 Set of tools developed to assist with implementation Background to the Capability Framework 4 levels or groupings of the work as long as ce Capabilities that describe behaviours as long as that level 9 streams as long as capabilities Descriptors to explain the streams 14 personal attributes (no levels) Option to provide further detail in addition to change wording to suit needs of organisation Capability Framework structure Levels

Streams Descriptors Each stream has 5 descriptors Show indicative behaviours at each level Describe qualities expected of people in this sector Emphasis on particular qualities will vary depending on organisational focus in addition to the job role Relevant to organisation; or relevant to job role No levels Can be modified or added to Personal attributes

Resources available free from OCS website: community-sector/capability-framework Toolkit in addition to Capability Cards can be purchased from In as long as mation Victoria – link on OCS website Access in addition to availability Would you be able to use this model within your own organisation to determine individual or organisational development needs Case study: Emerging Leaders in Community Arts Levels

Choose a job role to discuss in addition to develop a position description as long as Use the Capability Cards in addition to : choose approximately 6 – 9 Capabilities which are critical to the role, including the stream, descriptor in addition to level choose 4 – 5 critical Personal Attributes change the wording of the capabilities in addition to attributes to fit better with the organisational requirements, if necessary Complete the Position Description worksheet Activity: Using the Capability Framework as long as recruitment in addition to selection Activity preparation: Per as long as mance appraisal Read in addition to discuss the case study; you may wish to embellish it a bit more by adding other strengths in addition to weaknesses to Suzie’s description Find the Capability Assessment Tool pro as long as ma which has the eight (8) capabilities which the organisation feels are essential as long as the job role; you can add more if you want Note the key to the rating system which is provided at the bottom of the pro as long as ma Discuss the case study in addition to its implications Consider whether there are any other level 2 capabilities as long as Suzie’s job role that you would like to add to the Capability Assessment Tool Using the case study provided, work through in addition to complete the Capability Assessment Tool to review Suzie’s per as long as mance Activity: Per as long as mance appraisal

Work as long as ce Capability Mapping in addition to Feedback Tool Microsoft Access tool as long as mapping staff capabilities against those listed in the Framework Developed by OCS in partnership with Windermere Child in addition to Family Services Identifies skills gaps in addition to areas as long as improvement Used as long as employee self-assessment, manager feedback in addition to 360 feedback Tool in addition to user manual are available free of charge on the Windermere website: .php Windermere%20Website Mapping Tool example Go to the 3 capabilities you entered previously into the My Capabilities worksheet, which you feel need some development Jot down some ways you can develop these competencies Activity: Learning in addition to development

Think of a position you may wish to take on in the future Look at the Capability Cards – comparative view Choose three (3) capabilities required as long as a higher level position Enter into Career Planning worksheet, in addition to add possible development methods Activity: Career planning Felder in addition to Solomon’s theory Learning styles Memletics learning styles inventory Learning styles

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Summary of the Capability Framework Not m in addition to atory Guide to use in addition to adapt to suit your organisation Covers a broad work as long as ce in addition to many different occupations in addition to organisations of different sizes in addition to missions Generic Language can be changed to suit the terminology used in your own organisation Useful to smaller organisations that do not have a dedicated human resource team Align staff capability to strategic needs of organisation Assist with range of HR functions: job design recruitment in addition to selection per as long as mance management in addition to development career planning Uses of the Capability Framework – leaders Identify capabilities required by their people Identify capabilities required of themselves as managers Develop selection criteria Staff development in addition to per as long as mance appraisal Support individual career planning Training program design Uses of the Capability Framework – managers

Underst in addition to capabilities required at their level Underst in addition to capabilities required to progress Identify opportunities as long as professional development Identify gaps Career planning guide Framework as long as volunteers to underst in addition to the capabilities required of a role Recognition of prior learning as long as course entry Uses of the Capability Framework – people in the community sector Questions

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