Computational Science Challenges as long as the Beginning of the 21st Century Infrastru

Computational Science Challenges as long as the Beginning of the 21st Century Infrastru

Computational Science Challenges as long as the Beginning of the 21st Century Infrastru

Rieger, Ted, Contributing Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Computational Science Challenges as long as the Beginning of the 21st Century Infrastructure, Research, Academic Programs Peter Arzberger NPACI/SDSC Executive Director 619-534-5079 This Is a Time of Great Opportunity Digital in as long as mation explodes HPCC Technologies advance B in addition to width increases Collaborative multidisciplinary activities increase Continuing Evolution: Based on SDSC Individuals SDSC NPACI NPACI Resources Education Outreach & Training Resources Partners 1985 1998-2000 Technology & applications thrusts Enabling technologies Applications

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NPACI Is Building a National Infrastructure to Benefit the Entire Academic Research Community Creating a ubiquitous, continuous, pervasive HPCC infrastructure Looking ahead to multi-tera-scale compute plat as long as ms Accelerating data-intensive computing Broadening impact of computational science in addition to engineering Leveraging PACI investments NPACI Is Highly Leveraged National “Partnership of Partnerships” 47 institutions, up from 37 20 states, up from 18 4 countries, up from 1 5 national labs Many projects (new in addition to old) Vendors in addition to industry Government agencies Partnership Organizing Principle: “Thrusts” EDUCATION, OUTREACH, AND TRAINING 4 APPLICATIONS Molecular Science Neuroscience Earth Systems Science Engineering 4 TECHNOLOGIES Metasystems Programming Tools in addition to Environments Data-intensive Computing Interaction Environments RESOURCES

Advancing the Computational Infrastructure Resources – Today’s Digital Laboratory High-per as long as mance computing available today to the academic community Develop in addition to Deploy Technology in addition to application collaborations to push the capabilities of tomorrow’s digital laboratory Use in addition to Apply Computational scientists applying enhanced capabilities to achieve new scientific results Disseminate in addition to Incorporate Incorporating technologies into the digital laboratory in addition to disseminating them as long as use in new communities Technology Thrusts Programming Tools in addition to Environments Data-Intensive Computing Interaction Environments Metasystems Applications Thrusts Engineering Earth Systems Science Molecular Science Neuroscience

Projects Meld Applications in addition to Technology Global climate modeling Data-Intensive Computing + Neuroscience Brain databases Metasystems + Earth Systems Science Education, Outreach, in addition to Training Women, minorities, in addition to new communities Curriculum development External evaluation Leveraging in addition to linking current partner activities Replicating successful programs across NPACI in addition to other partnerships Leadership Team Susan Graham, UC Berkeley Chief Computer Scientist Peter Taylor, SDSC Chief Applications Scientist Wayne Pfeiffer, SDSC Deputy Director Greg Moses, U Wisconsin Education, Outreach, in addition to Training Leader Sid Karin, SDSC Director Peter Arzberger, SDSC Executive Director Paul Messina, Caltech Chief Architect (on leave)

Executive Committee Leadership Team plus: Andrew Grimshaw, U Virginia Metasystems Joel Saltz, U Maryl in addition to Programming Tools in addition to Environments Reagan Moore, SDSC Data-Intensive Computing Arthur Olson, TSRI Interaction Environments William Martin, U Michigan Resource Representative Russ Altman, Stan as long as d U Molecular Science russ.altman@stan as long as Mark Ellisman, UCSD Neuroscience Bernard Minster, UCSD (SIO) Earth Systems Science Tinsley Oden, U Texas (TICAM) Engineering James Pool, Caltech Resource Representative (not pictured) Executive Committee Applications Thrust Leaders Resource Partner Representatives NPACI Oversight Technologies Thrust Leaders Leadership Team IOB UAC DAC EVC Institutional Oversight Board External Visiting Committee Director’s Advisory Committee Users’ Advisory Committee Sources of In as long as mation NPACI Partnership Report Touch the Future enVision quarterly science magazine “Online” biweekly electronic publication www.npaci.ed Stephanie Sides, Partner Communications (

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