Consistency Project Elementary Spanish 1


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Consistency Project Elementary Spanish 1

Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Elementary Spanish 1 Consistency ProjectEl Camino CollegeSpring 2015Workshop 1: March 6, 2015Workshop 1 Agenda1. Analyzing statistics about Spanish 1: enrollment, sections, instructors, etc. Presented by Tom Lew, Dean of Humanities Division2. Establishing course content in consideration of consistency: Panorama Lessons 1-7 contents & a quick review of approved Spanish 1 Course Outline of Record3. Analysis of ?Teaching Spanish 1 Survey?: challenges in addition to concerns affecting this language level in addition to observed patterns. Non-natives ?struggles in addition to native speakers in Span 1. Possible solutions Support from counselors/program/college, use of resources, other information, etc.ΓΏ4. Spanish 1 SLO Spring 2014 results, evaluation, in addition to need in consideration of effective in addition to consistent assessment tools. 1 Workshop 1 Agenda: Topic 1 Behind the Spanish 1 Numbers 2

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1. Approximately, what percentage do you usually spend/allocate in teaching each of the following components per Panorama lesson?2. Please mark the categories you use in addition to find most useful in the Panorama Supersite.43. What challenges do you usually face in your Spanish 1 class?5

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Training Training Training Interdisciplinary Intersectorial Transfer of knowledge 6 ? 10 partners Think carefully about Duration: 4 years Active in recruitment Active in the network events Contributing so that training Evaluation criteria in consideration of ITN S & T Quality 30% Training 30% Implementation 20% Impact 20% Step 1 Identify 2-3 partners Step 2 Brainstorm meeting Step 3 Start recruiting new teams Step 4 Work on draft document Step 5 Read the call document Very carefully

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