Contact: What it means in addition to how it operates Exhibiting Native American Cultures:

Contact: What it means in addition to how it operates Exhibiting Native American Cultures:

Contact: What it means in addition to how it operates Exhibiting Native American Cultures:

Outhier, Craig, Movie Critic has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Contact: What it means in addition to how it operates Exhibiting Native American Cultures: Points of Contact Museum Studies Special Topics, A460/560 Larry J. Zimmerman, Ph.D., RPA Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis A coming together so as to be touching A situation allowing exchange of ideas or messages: communication, intercommunication An acquaintance who is in a position to help: connection, source. Be in communication with, establish communication with A junction where things touch or are in physical contact Close interaction A communicative interaction Contact How do you know contact has occurred Sudden culture change Apparent anomalies in objects or practices Combinations of decorative motifs, objects, practices that weren’t there be as long as e Sudden popularity of certain objects or practices Population movements But be cautious! Lots of other factors may account as long as the shifts observed.

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What factors cause one group to contact another Environmental changes that as long as ce population movements Economic pressures (other than environment) Population pressures Displacement from territory Curiosity & exploration Desire as long as the exotic Religious proselytizing What happens when contact occurs Ideas get exchanged Things get exchanged Underst in addition to ing begins Misunderst in addition to ing begins Other possibilities: Disease Conflict Mistrust Trust ‘Hybridization’ Syncretism Diffusion in addition to its processes Stimulus diffusion—ideas, from simple contact Single trait diffusion—a few things, from trade Complex diffusion—whole cultural complexes, from colonization

Independent Invention Just because things seem to be alike doesn’t mean they are so because of contact in addition to diffusion! Similar environmental in addition to social conditions lead to similar adaptations. Form, Function, in addition to Meaning Form—physical characteristics or attributes of an object or concept Function—the role of the object or idea, what it does Meaning—what the object or idea means to the people who have or use it The concept of the Frontier A boundary between (at least) two major approaches, elements, or territories Characteristics: Constant tension in addition to possible conflict Constant exchange in spite of any tensions Constant minor shifts one way or another For America, the frontier is part of the master narrative, an element of American character Frederick Jackson Turner in addition to the “Frontier Hypothesis”—see the full text Development of the American frontier helped to shape not only the character of the American people but also the nature of its institutions Individualism, nationalism, mobility, egalitarianism Frederick Jackson Turner

Culture as process Contact is not a ‘thing,’ but can be seen in things Contact is dynamic in addition to is best viewed diachronically Contact is a matter of adaptation Contact is sometimes so subtle that it is denied The Culture Area Concept How to h in addition to le the huge diversity of Native American cultures: There was huge variation in languages.

Cultures Areas or Food Areas The Problem with Culture Areas Actually, these categories have entered into the popular culture in a big way. They are now the main descriptors of Indian groups. One needs to question whether it is still a useful concept: It locks Indian groups in time, using descriptions of groups at the time of Contact. Pan-Indian cultural activities in addition to massive influences of media have “blended” lots of cultural traits. Doesn’t account as long as the ability of groups to adjust to white in addition to other Indian influences. Contact in the Eiteljorg

According to Webster Marty Gradolf (Winnebago of Nebraska), 2001 Treaties— as long as malized contact Even in the entryway, contact is obvious Interactive map: Indian Indiana

Myaamiaki (The Miami People) Myaamiaki Finished mahkahsina (moccasins) made by Scott Shoemaker

Tomahawk pipe (Miami), c. 1795. Ribbonwork interactive Bodewadmi (The Potawatomi People)

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I live in two worlds really. I go to work everyday in addition to I live in a house in addition to I drive a Tahoe in addition to I wear Reebok shoes, just like everybody does. But also, I follow the good road. It’s important to me to keep that balance. – John Pigeon (Pokagon B in addition to of Potawatomi) Basket by John Pigeon Basketry interactive Lenapeyok & Mihtohseeniaki (The Delaware in addition to Others)

Lenapeyok & Mihtohseeniaki Lenapeyok & Mihtohseeniaki Historical Timeline—draws attention to contact

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