Controlling the Internal Environment Thermoregulation Heat Exchange Heat Exchange Body Temp vs. Ambient Temp

Controlling the Internal Environment Thermoregulation Heat Exchange Heat Exchange Body Temp vs. Ambient Temp

Controlling the Internal Environment Thermoregulation Heat Exchange Heat Exchange Body Temp vs. Ambient Temp

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Heat Exchange Conduction – direct transfer of heat Convection – transfer of heat by the movement of air or water across a surface Radiation – emission of electromagnetic waves Evaporation – loss of heat from changing a liquid into a gas Body Temp vs. Ambient Temp Thermoregulation Adjustments Adjusting the rate of heat exchange vasodilation/vasoconstiction countercurrent heat exchange Cooling by evaporation Behavioral responses Changing the rate of metabolic heat production

Endothermic Animals Invertebrates Large flying insects Honeybees Endothermic Animals Fish Bluefin tuna Swordfish Great white shark Countercurrent heat exchange Amphibians in addition to Reptiles Most are ectothermic regulate temperature by behavior

Mammals in addition to Birds Contraction of muscles moving shivering Nonshivering thermogenesis triggered by hormones Feedback Mechanisms High body temperature hypothalamus activates skin blood vessels to dilate in addition to the sweat gl in addition to s to produce sweat Low body temperature hypothalamus activates skin blood vessels to constrict in addition to the skeletal muscles to shiver Temperature Range Adjustments Slow changes acclimatization (enzymes in addition to membranes) Fast changes heat-shock proteins

Metabolic Cycles Torpor Hibernation Aestivation Osmoregulation Osmocon as long as mers vs. Osmoregulators Osmoregulation Marine Fish hypoosmotic lose water to environment must excrete salt small amounts of urine Freshwater Fish hyperosmotic gain water from environment must take in salt large amounts of urine

Functions of the Excretory System Filtration Reabsorption Secretion Excretion Excretion of Nitrogenous Waste Ammonia Urea Uric Acid Invertebrate Structures Protonephridia (flame cells) network of closed tubules used mostly as long as osmoregulation found in platyhelminthes, some annelids, mollusk larvae

Invertebrate Structures Open tubules surrounded by a nephrostome Osmoregulation in addition to excretion Found in annelids Invertebrate Structures Malpighian Tubules Open into the digestive tract Osmoregulation in addition to excretion Insects in addition to terrestrial arthropods Excretory Systems Origins in Vertebrates Pronephros, Mesonephros, Metanephros

Vertebrate Excretory Systems Pronephros adult hagfish, embryonic fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals Mesonephros adult lamprey, fish, amphibians, embryonic reptiles, birds, mammals Metanephros adult reptiles, birds, mammals The Human Excretory System Kidneys Ureters Urinary Bladder Urethra

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Blood Filtrate to Urine Bowman’s Capsule in addition to the Glomerulus (filters the blood) Proximal tubule reabsorbed (NaCl, Potassium, Water, Nutrients) secretes ( ammonia) regulates (pH) Blood Filtrate to Urine Loop of Henle Descending loop reabsorbed (water) Ascending loop reabsorbed (NaCl)

Blood Filtrate to Urine Distal tubule reabsorbed (NaCl, Water) secrete (potassium) regulate (pH) Collecting duct reabsorbed (NaCl, Water, Urea) Control of the Kidney Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) water reabsorption Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) water reabsorption Atrialnatiuretic Factor (ANF) inhibits the release of renin

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