Corporate Web Selection Tools A P&G Perspective Scott Read Charlotte Field Recru

Corporate Web Selection Tools A P&G Perspective Scott Read Charlotte Field Recru

Corporate Web Selection Tools A P&G Perspective Scott Read Charlotte Field Recru

Morrill, Barbara, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Corporate Web Selection Tools A P&G Perspective Scott Read Charlotte Field Recruitment Marketing & Technology Manager Recruitment Systems Manager Global Talent Supply Today’s Topics Overview of P&G’s Recruiting Operation How/why are we using technology Dispelling the “Black Hole” myth A look “behind the scenes” – what happens after you submit

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P&G Overview $40 Billion Global Consumer Products Company “Hire at Entry, Promote from Within” ~70% college-sourced; little use of big job boards Follow a “school team” approach Qualify a large pool of c in addition to idates P&G Overview Process almost exclusively online 9 ranking among 50 best recruiting web sites (WetFeet Research) 3MM+ visits to our Recruiting sites annually; generates ~200M applications ~4,000 managers hired per year historically; this year ~1,500 – but we’re hiring! P&G is highly selective! P&G Recruiting Process Base Application/Initial Screening – online (approx. 80% move on) Managerial or Technical Assessment – online (approx. 50% move on) Campus/Initial Interview Selection & Matching with Open Jobs Day (Site) Visit Offer/No Offer Decision – Accept/Decline All based on “What Counts” attributes St in addition to ard Around the World

How are we using Technology Straight as long as ward Strategy: Integrate Systems in addition to Leverage the Web! C in addition to idates P&G Recruiting Site Scanning Center ASP Hosted System P&G Intranet (Internal Staffing) P&G Employees SAP Post Jobs Review Applications Generate email to C in addition to idates Payroll On-boarding Logistics Benefits Enrollment, etc P&G Recruiting Specialists P&G Firewall Job Boards (Monster, Hotjobs, etc) Pan Assessment Site P&G Firewall Why Follow this Approach

The “Big Picture” Gen X – Technically savvy, well-educated, mobile, highly selective – in addition to shrinking in population 76MM retiring baby boomers – replaced by 62MM new workers Gap already emerging in service, construction, in addition to healthcare industries Anyone’s guess what new jobs will emerge “Bricks” to “Brains” world economy – talent is key Why Follow this Approach Global Talent Market – not there yet, but we’re ready Speed in addition to better decision-making Broaden reach without adding staff Better focus on c in addition to idates likely to be successful at P&G Challenge: Balance technology with personal touch in addition to build relationships with c in addition to idates

Dispelling the “Black Hole” myth – So, what do we do with your application

Morrill, Barbara DAILY KOS Contributing Editor

Morrill, Barbara Contributing Editor

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