Counselling in UK secondary schools: What the research is telling us Mick Cooper

Counselling in UK secondary schools: What the research is telling us Mick Cooper

Counselling in UK secondary schools: What the research is telling us Mick Cooper

Gomez, Angie, Midday On-Air Personality has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Counselling in UK secondary schools: What the research is telling us Mick CooperProfessor of CounsellingBACP CCYP 2011BackgroundRapid growth of interest in school-based counselling in UKServices now rolled out across all secondary schools in Wales in addition to Northern Irel in addition to Discussions with English in addition to Scottish governmentsBut where is evidence Aims of talkTo present a state-of-the-art review of what we know about school-based counselling in the UK: Who uses the services, in addition to howWhat are the outcomes likeDraw from three sources

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Source 12009 Review of 30 audit in addition to evaluation studies of school-based counselling in UK secondary sector: >10,000 episodes (demographics); 2,164 episodes (outcomes)Cooper, M. (2009). Counselling in UK secondary schools: A comprehensive review of audit in addition to evaluation studies Counselling in addition to Psychotherapy Research, 9(3), 137-150.Source 22011 Evaluation of the Welsh school-based counselling strategy 11,043 episodes (demographics) 3,613 episodes (outcomes)To download report in addition to executive summary, search “BACP Welsh evaluation”Source 3Two r in addition to omised controlled trials of school-based counselling ( in addition to one on the way)Cooper, M., Rowl in addition to , N., McArthur, K., Pattison, S., Cromarty, K., & Richards, K. (2010). R in addition to omised controlled trial of school-based humanistic counselling as long as emotional distress in young people: Feasibility study in addition to preliminary indications of efficacy. Child in addition to Adolescent Psychiatry in addition to Mental Health, 4(1), 1-12. Download from:

What is the orientation of school-based counselling Therapy orientationTherapy orientation

Practice: summarySchool-based counselling in the UK tends to be person-centred/ humanisticThough many counsellors integrate elements of other approaches (particularly in Wales)1.CLIENTSHow are young people referred in to school-based counselling

Referral source by dataset (2009 review)(Max. N = 18 datasets)Welsh evaluation: Referral Referral: SummaryTeaching/pastoral staff most common: involved in about 2/3rds of all referralsAbout 1/4 young people self-refer

How many sessions do clients attend as long as Number of sessionsMean (2009 review) = 6.35 sessionsMean (Welsh eval.) = 3.7 sessionsAcross datasets, majority of clients attend as long as four or less sessions, with a small minority 10+Number of sessions attended by clients(From Glasgow III dataset)

Number of sessions: SummaryClients in school-based counselling tend to attend as long as 2-6 sessionsA few attend as long as much longerWho attends most, males or femalesGender2009 ReviewWelsh evaluation

Gender: SummaryRatio of females to males in school-based counselling is about 60:40How old are clientsAge (2009 review)Mean age = 13.86 Year 9 most common

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School year (Welsh evaluation)Age: SummaryMiddle school years (year 8 – year 11) most commonly attend school-based counsellingEthnicity

Ethnicity (2009 Review)3% of clients from BME backgroundsOne study compared this against school-wide representation, in addition to found that BME young people somewhat under-represented, especially PakistaniEthnicity (Welsh evaluation)Ethnicity: SummaryEmerging evidence that BME young people are under-represented in school-based counsellingParticularly those from Asian backgrounds(Welsh review also suggested that clients with SEN/disabilities, in addition to looked after children, under-represented)

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