Creating a Better in addition to More Sustainable Future: Key Directions in addition to Actions Debra Rowe dgrowe@oakl in addition to

Creating a Better in addition to More Sustainable Future: Key Directions in addition to Actions Debra Rowe dgrowe@oakl in addition to

Creating a Better in addition to More Sustainable Future: Key Directions in addition to Actions Debra Rowe dgrowe@oakl in addition to

Walden, Jon, Late Night On-Air Personality has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Creating a Better in addition to More Sustainable Future: Key Directions in addition to Actions Debra Rowe dgrowe@oakl in addition to Debra Rowe, Ph.D. President U.S. Partnership as long as Education as long as Sustainable Development Co-chair Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium Advisor Association as long as the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Professor, Sustainable Energies in addition to Behavioral Sciences Oakl in addition to Community College www.oakl in addition to Thanks to John Richter in addition to Anthony Cortese as long as some of these slides Part I What is sustainability in addition to education as long as sustainability Part II Stories/successes as long as culture shifting Part III Solutions in addition to Change Agent Skills Part IV Crucial next steps – Policy in addition to PR Part V Resources as long as you Part VI Celebrate!

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Sustainable Development is often defined as: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” World Commission on Env. in addition to Development. (1987). Our Common Future. Engl in addition to : Ox as long as d University Press. Education as long as a Sustainable Society: “enables people to develop the knowledge, values in addition to skills to participate in decisions , that will improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet as long as the future.” Strong Economy Social Well-being Flourishing Environment Sustainable Society Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability

Applied Knowledge/ Technological Skills Private Choices in addition to Behaviors-Habits Public Choices in addition to Behaviors-Laws Sustainable Communities Sustainable Economies Ecosystem Ecosystem Ecosystem Ecosystem Why climate change in addition to other environmental Issues are so important Human presence on a global scale All living systems in long term decline at unprecedented in addition to accelerating rate Unprecedented growth in population in addition to consumption Climate change Our decisions will create: more scarcity in addition to suffering, or a future of greater abundance in addition to higher quality of life life supporting resources declining consumption of life supporting resources rising Global Perspective

Why is EFS Important We are the first generation capable of determining the habitability of the planet as long as humans in addition to other species. The decisions of this generation are crucial. The st in addition to ard requirements as long as a higher education degree are outdated. Why is EFS such a high priority Much of the public doesn’t know that we are exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet. ( Public doesn’t know we can reduce human suffering, environmental degradation in addition to social ills now while building stronger economies A rapid shift in mindset is needed in addition to education to action is the key. Old Worldview vs. Updated Worldview of Sustainability From Fossil powered Take, make, waste Living off nature’s capital Market as master Loss of cultural & biological diversity Independence Materialism as goal To Non-polluting powered Cyclical production Living off nature’s income Market as servant Maintain cultural & biological diversity Interdependence Reduced human suffering in addition to quality of life goal

Potentials as long as Energy Conservation in addition to Renewable Energies Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization by Lester Brown Founder of Worldwatch Institute Downloadable at GREAT Cross College Reading in All Disciplines Potentials as long as Renewable Energies Can we meet all our energy needs with renewable energies in addition to energy conservation YES Why aren’t we Long term vested interests – Coal, Oil, uncaring wealthy Solutions: All of us engaged as effective change agents in our sustainability challenges From apathy caring involvement. Know that our daily decisions affect the quality of life of people around the globe. Culture of sustainability – MTV’s Breaking the Addiction to Oil Push as long as appropriate policies

Part II Trends in addition to Examples Stories in addition to Successes as long as Culture Shifting Share stories of what “normal” people can do: Feeding the poor in Detroit Nike Syracuse Getting to zero – Larry Eisenberg, LACCD SHARE THE STORIES – Bathrooms, signage, monitors, campus maps U.S. Partnership as long as Education as long as Sustainable Development: Convene, Catalyze in addition to Communicate Sector Teams: Business, Higher Education, K-12, Communities, Faith, Youth

Trends in sectors – some examples Business – LOHAS – Japan, SOL Sustainability Consortium, Businesses as long as Social Responsibility, Shareholders, Investors (e.g. Goldman Sachs in addition to Swiss RE) Communities – Mayors Climate Protection in addition to Smart Growth, Gr in addition to Rapids model K-12 – Nat. Assoc. of Independent Schools, U.S. Summit, need as long as international alliances Faith – Religious Partnership in addition to Interfaith Alliance, Regeneration Project Youth – Climate Challenge, Reduce Your Impact, Action Campaigns For higher education, Sustainable Development is being integrated into: Curricula Research Operations Community Outreach in addition to Partnerships Student Life Professional Development Mission in addition to Planning Purchasing plus legislation in addition to public awareness Internationally, a taste In Sweden, it is a law that all undergraduates be educated about sustainability High priority in higher education principles in European Union Association of Canadian Community Colleges Environmental Sust. Group, World Federation of Colleges in addition to Polytechnics

Association as long as the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education AASHE (AY-shee) Sign up as long as the free bulletin Search the resources in addition to the digest – great stories GREAT NEWS!!! Growing National Trend in U.S.: Seventeen national HE associations in addition to twenty national disciplinary associations are creating initiatives on Education as long as Sustainable Development Engaged National Associations 1. ACE–Am. Council on Ed.–Presidents’ Magazine W’06 2. AACU – Ass. of American Colleges in addition to Universities 3. AACC – Am. Ass. of Community Colleges 4. AASCU – State Institutions 5. ACUHO – Housing 6. NACAS – Aux. Officers 7. NAEP – Educational Buyers 8. NACA – Campus Activities 9. APPA – Facilities 10. NACUBO – Business Officers 11. SCUP – College in addition to University Planners 12. ACUI – Student Unions 13. ACPA – Student Life 14. NACUFS – Food 15. ACEED-I – Events in addition to Conference Directors 16. NACS – Campus Stores 17. NIRSA – Recreation 18. AGB – Ass. of Governing Boards AND MORE

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Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium Resources page as long as you Resources as long as You VIA HEASC in addition to DANS in addition to AASHE One Example – culture on campus including: sustainability primer learning outcomes residential sustainable living campaigns first year experience orientation film series in addition to sustainability media festivals 3 pages of campus activities engagement of student groups put it in job descriptions in addition to annual reviews Higher Education Associations Collaboration between higher education associations on: AASHE Rating system – STARS Socially in addition to environmentally responsible procurement President’s pledge on climate change – over 550 presidents! Catalyzing Days as long as Individual Institutions Professional development as long as all higher education staff

Disciplinary Associations Network as long as Sustainability – DANS American Psychological Association Sociology Religion Philosophy Math Broadcasting Architecture Engineering (civil, mechanical, eng. ed.) Ecological Economics Chemistry Biology American Association as long as the Advancement of Science Computer Research Humanities Women’s Studies Political Science Anthropology More DANS – Infusing s.d. into: Curricula Promotion in addition to tenure in addition to accreditation Legislative briefings In as long as ming the public Cross-disciplinary approaches Funding Professional identity as an academic Use your work to contribute to HEASC in addition to DANS – LEVERAGE It Up to National Precedents in addition to Professional Norms!!!! Imagine a country where all college students get credit as long as helping to solve our societal problems through their academic assignments.

Congratulations as long as all you have done. Congratulations as long as all you will do in the future. Let your enthusiasm show! For more in as long as mation, contact Debra Rowe at dgrowe@oakl in addition to

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