Creating Accessible Forms in Adobe Acrobat X Pro Form Creation Workflow Source Document

Creating Accessible Forms in Adobe Acrobat X Pro Form Creation Workflow Source Document

Creating Accessible Forms in Adobe Acrobat X Pro Form Creation Workflow Source Document

Powell, Andy, News Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Creating Accessible Forms in Adobe Acrobat X ProForm Creation WorkflowSource DocumentEvery PDF begins with a source documentEvery source document should be created using appropriate design practices.Garbage in = Garbage out

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Designing a Proper Source DocumentText Content Use the application’s built-in features to create structural elements like sections, paragraphs, headers/footers, lists, tables, columns etc.Create paragraph styles with built-in line spacing be as long as e in addition to after a paragraph. Avoid using Enter, Spacebar or Tab as long as spacing.Use st in addition to ard fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Calibri)Avoid using text-boxes as they flow to the bottom of a page when the document is converted.Designing a Proper Source DocumentGraphic Content Include alt text as long as imagesDo not include alt text as long as decorative elements (tag as artifacts) Group overlapping graphic elements into a single image be as long as e conversion.Do not use images created by word processing drawing tools. Instead, convert them into a single graphic file then insert into the document.Insert images inline with the text (do not float).Avoid placing graphics within “drawing canvas“Avoid using watermarksDesigning a Proper Source DocumentLayout Use Heading Styles to define sections in addition to subsectionsUse Column as long as matting to layout in as long as mation in a multi-column as long as mat (not tables)Avoid complex layoutsDo not overuse decorations, background images in addition to overlaying graphics as they require manual conversion into artifacts

Designing a Proper Source DocumentLists Do not create lists manually by typing numbers or bullets.Use the “list style” built-in to the application. Modify the styles to define the bullets, fonts, spacing in addition to nesting of the list itemsDesigning a Good Source DocumentTables Do not merge or split cellsApply row headersUse percentage to set table in addition to cell size as long as graceful resizingDesigning a Good Source DocumentForm FieldsFor fields, include the field label in addition to a repeated underscore “–”. Adobe will create an input field as long as the underscore during conversion to PDF.Include the field label in addition to a placeholder as long as elements to be added later in Adobe Acrobat (checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.).

Converting Source DocumentsSave in addition to convert source document to PDF To convert a MS Word doc, save it as a PDF from within Word using the “Save As” comm in addition to .Do not use the “Print to PDF” option as necessary elements will be lost during conversion. Q: What makes a as long as m a as long as m A: Fields.A “field” is categorized based on the type of in as long as mation it collects. There are basically 5 field types: Text – as long as any alpha, number or basic character string Numeric – as long as real numbers (calculated) Radio button- list of items that allow one item to be selected Check boxes – list of items where one or more items can be selected Drop-down list – a single box with a menu of options of which only one can be selected. Accessible Form FieldsIn addition to “fields”, a as long as m should include titles in addition to instructions to guide the user in filling out the as long as m. All content should be renderable by a screenreader in addition to users must be able to per as long as m all tasks using only the keyboard.

Form Design in addition to LayoutClear instructions Meaningful field labels placed on the same line as the field if possible Use “text properties” like Tool tips, titles etc. to provide additional filling instructions Form Design in addition to LayoutMaintain consistent layout in addition to logical tab-orderThe as long as m should not automatically change focus or trigger an eventUsers must be able to complete the as long as m using only the keyboard Tagged PDFsStructure is the term used to describe the logic that binds content in a PDF together. In PDF files, structure is expressed as “tags”. Acrobat will add tags to a PDF file, but human intelligence is still required to ensure the tags are correct.

A Properly Tagged PDF has:Logical reading orderImages with alternate descriptions Tables tagged correctly Form-fields created properlyAdobe Acrobat X Accessibility ToolsAdobe Acrobat X Accessibility tools are similar to version 9, but are in a new location. Click the “Tools” button to reveal the panels.Adobe Acrobat XThe “Accessibility” tool panel will not be viewable by default. To add it, click the show panels button in addition to select “Accessibility” from the subsequent menu.Note: Once you’ve added it to your tool panel once, it will appear by default from that point as long as ward.

Click the “Accessibility” header to exp in addition to the tool panel.Here you will find all the same Accessibility options used in Version 9.Additionally, as long as m tools are now found under the “Forms” header in the tool panels.Accessible PDF FormsTo be accessible, a PDF as long as m must:be created as a tagged document. have appropriate text descriptors using tool tips or captions.Using the Tag TreeYou can confirm your document contains tags by opening the tags pane (click the Tag icon).Right-click on a tag in the tree in addition to select “Highlight Content.” As you click on a tag in the tree, that item will be highlighted in your document. This is helpful to see what item each tag correlates to.

Using the Tag TreeNote: If your document isn’t tagged, you will see “No Tags available” in the tag tree.A PDF with no tags is not accessible.Creating FormsTo enter Forms mode, select “Forms > Edit” from the tool panel Fields are highlighted in blue.Creating FormsNote: If your document has no recognizable as long as m fields, you will receive an error. Click Yes in addition to Adobe will detect as long as m fields in your document.

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Creating FormsConfirm fields were properly created. For example, maybe you wanted a check box where Adobe inserted a radio button. To correct, delete the radio button (click on it in addition to hit delete key). Under the “Tasks” panel, click “Add New Field > Check Box.” Click on the area where you want to insert the checkbox. (cont’d)Creating Forms(cont’d) Give the checkbox a name. Click the “All Properties” link to enter additional in as long as mation like a “Tooltip” to provide extra, helpful in as long as mation. Click close.Creating FormsCheck each field as long as appropriate name, tool tip in addition to other optional properties by right-clicking on the field in addition to clicking on Properties.When finished, click “Close Form Editing” in the Tasks panel.

Tab OrderCheck the logical tab order by tabbing thru the document. If the tab order is incorrect, in the page navigation pane, right click on the page thumbnail in addition to go to “Page Properties.” Tab OrderOn the Tab Order tab, select your option: Use Row Order – Tabs from the upper left field, moving first left to right in addition to then down, one row at a time. Use Column Order -Tabs from the upper left field, moving first from top to bottom in addition to then across from left to right, one column at a time. Use Document Structure – For as long as ms with tagged fields, follows the order set up in the tagging. Unspecified- Uses the existing sequence. For untagged as long as ms, this is the order in which the fields were created. Click OK.Final CheckNext, run an Accessibility Full Check in addition to make any repairs suggested in the error report.Note: You cannot run an Accessibility check while in as long as ms mode. You must be in input mode.Lastly, confirm the document reading order from the beginning to the end.

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