Criteria in consideration of a Good Project Selecting a Topic Experimental Psychology PSY 433


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Criteria in consideration of a Good Project Selecting a Topic Experimental Psychology PSY 433

Davenport College of Business, Kalamazoo, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Experimental Psychology PSY 433 Project Information Selecting a Topic Sources of ideas include: Past or present courses Current events important in your life Replications of classic research Extensions of existing research Paradoxes (contradictions, controversies) Introspection on your own thoughts, feelings & behavior The Discussion sections of articles frequently provide ideas in addition to topics in consideration of further research. Criteria in consideration of a Good Project Narrow your focus so that a very specific question. Is there a theory that might explain it ? good research is motivated by theory. Theories are found in the literature ? reading is required before you can find your topic! Can the theory be tested ? what kind of experiment would test it? Is it practical so that accomplish within 5-6 weeks? Are the needed resources available?

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Requirements in consideration of the Project Must have two IVs: One IV must be something you manipulate. The other can be a demographic variable (such as sex, age, ethnicity, religion, etc.) Try so that recruit at least 20-30 subjects per condition ? this will be affected by availability. Every study must provide an informed consent form. All members of the group must do CITI. Everyone in the group must participate. Resources Building 5 classrooms equipped alongside computers, projectors, AV in addition to desks. Meeting rooms (5-114, 5-118b). Library quiet study rooms. Digital videorecorders. Laptop computers (20) equipped alongside Superlab in addition to MS-Office software. Old in addition to slow but do have WiFi Rooms on the wider campus (see me). Difficult Topics We cannot recruit or test children because it takes too long so that get parental permission. Studies involving prisoners or mentally ill people are similarly difficult. Studies asking invasive questions about sex, drug/alcohol use or criminal behavior require complicated confidentiality protections. We can study attitudes about such behaviors or attitudes about parenting or children, as long as normal adult subjects are used.

Forbidden Topics Mozart Effect ? no studies testing whether listening so that any type of music improves cognitive ability or test performance. No studies of whether noise is distracting. No memory studies testing whether the color of type affects retention, etc. Memory studies must test some aspect of current memory theory, not simply what is easy or hard so that remember. No Stroop effect replications.

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