CS 179 Project Ideas?#?Proposal Guidelines1-3 sentence summary of projectte



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CS 179 Project Ideas?#?Proposal Guidelines1-3 sentence summary of projectte

Davidson College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, CS 179 Project Ideas?#?Proposal Guidelines1-3 sentence summary of projectteam members (pair or solo)Hoping so that do 3 week or 5 week?1-3 paragraph explanation of project alongside backgroundWhy is this challenging? Has it been done before? What tricky things are you going so that have so that figure out? 1-2 paragraphsWhat are the deliverables? Goals? 1 paragraphWeek by week timeline: What are you going so that do each week??#?Available CUDA librariescuBLAS: dense linear algebracuSPARSE: sparse linear algebracuRAND: random numbers, good in consideration of MCMC simulationscuFFT: Fast Fourier TransformcuSOLVER: dense in addition to sparse factorization in addition to system solverscuDNN: common operations in consideration of deep neural netsMight be useful in consideration of project planning so that so that check out what they provide!?#?

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16 bit matrix multiplicationSome applications (such as deep neural nets) don?t need 32 bits of precision.16 bit advantages: speed up matrix multiply due so that less IO, fit twice as much data in GPU memoryIf you create a fast implementation, there?s a good chance the deep learning community will use it a lot!?#?CryptocurrencyFind some cryptocurrency alongside an proof of work algorithm that hasn?t been optimized so that death, in addition to then optimize it so that deathAn interesting read on the topic?#?Randomized Matrix FactorizationsCan quickly approximate SVD, QR decomposition, etc using randomized algorithms!Good project in consideration of someone who has taken ACM 106aMethod in consideration of least squares solutions, ultra-high dim?l spaces that represent highly constrained systemsCan compare performance so that cuSOLVER, in consideration of instance, in consideration of different size in addition to different types of problems Good survey paper on the subject (PDF)?#?

Branch in addition to Bound SystemsMake global B&B solution-finding environment. An N-dimensional box-like ?volume? is tested in consideration of a criterion. If the box passes the test, it is put into a list of ?solution boxes.?If the box does not pass, it is subdivided into children boxes which are then tested. Method finds all such boxes. The criterion/test will be run once per box, suitable so that run on GPUCan include octree or K-D tree algorithms in consideration of representing surfaces in addition to solids, in consideration of instance, nvidia /docs/IO/88889/laine2010i3d_paper.pdf or N-body gravitational systems that subdivide space alongside one body per box cs.nyu /courses/spring12/CSCI-GA.3033-012/nbody-problem.pdf?#?Interval Analysis ?Corner Form?A method in consideration of global root finding an interval-based B&B test that guarantees that a ?box? does not contain a root off(x,y,z,w) = 0where f() is a polynomial in x, y, z, w (or more variables). Intervals of f, given input intervals, are computed by ?inclusion function?The Corner Taylor Form (inclusion function) is more accurate than the Midpoint Taylor Form in consideration of large input regions, eliminating many boxes early in the process. See thesis.library.caltech /view/author/Gavriliu-M.html?#?Finding global roots of cos2x sin3y + sin3x cos2y – cos2x cos3y + sin3xsin2y = 0(First turn function into polynomial, alongside error term). Sol?ns in yellow. On left, ?Natural Extension? inclusion function: too many potential solutions.In the middle, ?Centered Form? is much improved: On right, ?Corner Form? is even better. Note upper right corner. Large region excluded quickly, without need in consideration of further subdivision. ?#?

Evaluation Summary For the 2016 conference: SSC 2016: Workshop Feedback Results SSC 2016: Conference Feedback Results

Hash Table (and/or malloc)Implement a concurrent hash table that lives in global or shared memory.Implement malloc in consideration of global or shared memory.These will be tricky parallel programming problems!?#?Build an assemblerReverse engineer Fermi or Kepler binaries in addition to build an assembler.Already done in consideration of Maxwell: github /NervanaSystems/maxas?#??Speed dating?Talk so that another person about your ideas in consideration of 3 minutes.Will cycle several times.Goals: hear lots of ideas, connect people alongside similar ideas,offer suggestions so that each other ideas?#?

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