CSAH Needs History Needs Task Force Old Needs vs. New Needs What Else

CSAH Needs History		 Needs Task Force			 Old Needs vs. New Needs What Else www.phwiki.com

CSAH Needs History Needs Task Force Old Needs vs. New Needs What Else

Pitman, Ed, Executive Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal CSAH Needs Kim DeLaRosa 651-366-3810 kimberlie.delarosa@state.mn.us John Pantelis 651-366-3811 john.pantelis@state.mn.us History State Aid Division established in 1957 with the first distribution in 1958County mileage limitation was 30,000 miles in 1957, 30,708 miles in 201510-10-30-50 until 2008 Needs is an “estimated cost” of constructing a State Aid road to st in addition to ards1960’s – Screening Board, Research Account in addition to Minimum Counties 1980’s – Grading Cost Study, After the Fact, Credit as long as Local Ef as long as t in addition to Right of Way2000’s – New Era – Mission Study in addition to the Needs Task ForceNeeds Task Force County Engineers from each district in addition to state aid staff 2007-2015GoalsEasier to underst in addition to in addition to explainMore transparentSimplification of the needs as long as mulaBetter reflection of construction practicesFlexibility as long as future changesNew Software Application

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Old Needs vs. New NeedsAfter the Fact Costs No More ATF CostsOnly Grading Costs tracked Complete SA Project CostsReinstatement Period All existing miles, all the timeLots of data fields Less data to trackPayback on revocations Payback on revocationsWhat Else Should I know Construction Fund Balance DeductionNeeds eligibility in addition to funding eligibility are not the sameCounty Wage Survey in June after the summer conferenceTown Road Certification due in NovemberQuestions

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