Dataset Production in addition to Per as long as mance Evaluation as long as Event Detection in addition to Tracking P

Dataset Production in addition to Per as long as mance Evaluation as long as Event Detection in addition to Tracking P

Dataset Production in addition to Per as long as mance Evaluation as long as Event Detection in addition to Tracking P

Johnson, Mary, News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Dataset Production in addition to Per as long as mance Evaluation as long as Event Detection in addition to Tracking Paul Hosmer Detection in addition to Vision Systems Group Outline Defining a requirement What to include in datasets Constraints Evaluation in addition to Metrics Case Study Intelligent Video Started in early 1990’s FABIUS Amethyst Through to 2000’s VMD capability study St in addition to ards-based evaluations Background

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What did we want to achieve Test systems in short period of time Provide data in addition to requirements to research community Dataset production Problem: what to include Scenario definition What is an event Where does the scenario take place What challenges are posed by the environment Ask end users / gauge dem in addition to Conduct capability study Monitor environment, apply a priori knowledge Scenario definition Ab in addition to oned Baggage When is an object ab in addition to oned What types of object Attributes of person

Scenario definition “Ab in addition to oned object” During the current clip, a person has placed an object which was in their possession when they entered the clip onto the floor or a seat in the detection area & That person has left the detection area without the object & Over sixty seconds after they left the detection area, that person has still not returned to the object & The object remains in the detection area. Scenario definition Key environmental factors: Lighting changes – film dawn in addition to dusk Rain in addition to snow Night – head lights in addition to low SNR How much data Need to demonstrate per as long as mance on wide range of imagery Statistical significance Need large training in addition to test corpus – 100’s of events Unseen data as long as verification

Constraints You can’t always capture the event you want – simulation Make simulations as close to the requirement as possible Storage vs image quality – what will you want to do with the data at a later time Cost – try to film as much variation/events as you can Per as long as mance Evaluation Importance of metrics – consistency across different evaluations When is an event detected Real time evaluation, 10x real time, offline which is most useful Statistically significant unseen dataset: Per as long as mance on training data does not tell me anything useful about robustness How HOSDB does it Simulate real analogue CCTV system ~ 215,000 frames per scenario evaluation ~ Evaluation 300 events 60s to alarm after GT alarm condition is satisfied One figure of merit as long as ranking

F1 score as long as event detection F1 = ( + 1)RP R + P ranges from 0.35 to 75 depending on scenario in addition to application What about Tracking 5th i-LIDS scenario Multiple Camera Tracking Increasing interest from end users Significant potential to enhance operator effectiveness in addition to aid post event investigation The Problem Unifying tracking labelling across multiple camera views Dataset in addition to Evaluation Problem Synchronisation Operational Requirement Camera Requirements: Existing CCTV systems Cameras are a mixture of overlapping in addition to non-overlapping Internal cameras are generally fixed in addition to colour Scene Contents: Scenes are likely to contain rest points Varying traffic densities Target Description: There may be multiple targets Targets from wide demographic

Imagery Collection Imagery Collection Location Large Transport Hub (airport) Targets Varied Targets Differing target behaviour Varying crowd densities Environment Lighting changes Filmed at Dawn, Day, Dusk in addition to Night Volume 5 cameras 1.35 Million frames Single in addition to multiple target 1000+ target events 1TB external HDD

Dataset structure Target Event Set MCT01 MCT02 MCT03 TES Properties Daytime High density Night time Low density Etc Etc Per as long as mance Metric F1 = 2RP R+P F1 must be greater than or equal to 0.25 as long as the track to be a True Positive P = Overlapping Pixels Total Track Pixels R = Overlapping Pixels Total Ground Truth Pixels Per as long as mance evaluation is important Evaluations need to use more data With richer content With widely accepted definitions in addition to metrics Demonstrate improved per as long as mance

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