DDP Sharing How much planning do I need to do DDP Planning DDP Planning

DDP Sharing How much planning do I need to do DDP Planning DDP Planning www.phwiki.com

DDP Sharing How much planning do I need to do DDP Planning DDP Planning

Michaels, Peter, News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal DDP SharingClarence NgYear 4 (ISE / Econs DDP)How much planning do I need to doDDP PlanningYou can’t plan everything in advanceCORS bidding surprisesTimetable clashesJust be aware of module pre-requisites, in addition to you should be fine

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DDP PlanningMy Approach: Follow recommended schedule from FoEFill the elective slots with FASS modulesReasons:Engineering modules have more pre-requisitesHigher level FoE core modules are offered in either Sem 1 or Sem 2, but not bothDDP PlanningDDP students are exempted, so clear your EC modules here!!DDP PlanningThings to note:Timetable Clashes: Econs: No waiversEngin: Case-by-case basisWaiver of Pre-requisitesEcons: No waivers as long as core modules. Case-by-case basis as long as electivesEngin: Case-by-case

How importantIs CAPHow important is CAPCAP is importantUsually the first cut-off as long as internships, jobs, in addition to scholarshipsReflects your underst in addition to ing of course materialBut it is not the only thing that is important!My University Life

Tembusu CollegeSportsTembusu CollegeCIPFriends!ExchangeNUS-GT Summer Programme (Beijing)

Research Part-time Research Assistant Scheme$8.74/hrWork with real-life dataMentored personally by professorsResearch Areas: Behavioral Economics, Risk, BankruptcyIndustrial FYP (SGH)Reducing ambulance response timesShort Sharing Lu Si Hong Year 4 (ISE / Econs DDP)King Edward VII Hall

School Life!SEP – SwedenSEP – Things to Take NoteCan only map Core in addition to GEM modulesRequires Early Planning!Ensure Partner University offers both Engineering in addition to Economics modulesHave Fun!!!

Other Academic MattersUnderst in addition to Double Counted ModulesOther Academic MattersChoosing the Right Economics ElectivesLimited number of Lvl 3000 Modules if aiming as long as Double HonorsSpecialisationQUANTITATIVE ECONOMICSMONETARY AND FINANCIAL ECONOMICSAPPLIED AND POLICY ECONOMICSGood Luck!

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