Demonstration Slideshow #1 by B.J. Johnson CMSI 401 13-Nov-2005 Demonstrati


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Demonstration Slideshow #1 by B.J. Johnson CMSI 401 13-Nov-2005 Demonstrati

College of the Ozarks, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Demonstration Slideshow #1 by B.J. Johnson CMSI 401 13-Nov-2005 Demonstration Slide #1 This is a demonstration of a typical slide You want so that make sure the text is legible Make sure the text is bright enough Make sure the text is big enough so that be seen There should only be a few bullets in consideration of the audience so that read Smaller bullets are hard so that read in addition to cause confusion because of the indentation Longer sentences do this as well; try not so that wrap bullets like I?ve done here This is the smallest level that is defined in the slide master Blah blah in addition to woof woof Text Layout Points To Remember Try so that put necessary information only Audience should read slide fast You should take longer so that talk so that the points Only 2-3 major points per slide More if really needed but consider two slides Maximum of 5 Limit ?sub-bullets? so that 3 per major bullet If you need more, put the entire thing on its own slide

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Text Layout Points To Remember Be careful using dark graphic background Other graphics may not show up well May be ?swallowed up? by BG image This block is called a ?take-away? since it is the last thing on the slide, in addition to is what the user should remember about the slide

A New Endpoint in consideration of Hawking Evaporation String theory starts with: Old endpoints of Hawking evaporation: Other applications Comments Summary Slogan: Next Step

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