Designing Games as long as VR About Career Highlights GamePipe Showcase – Dec 10

Designing Games as long as VR About Career Highlights GamePipe Showcase – Dec 10

Designing Games as long as VR About Career Highlights GamePipe Showcase – Dec 10

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GamePipe Showcase – Dec 10A brief History of Virtual RealityFathers of Virtual RealityHeiligLanierEngelbartSutherl in addition to KruegerTODAY

What is Virtual RealityWhat is real How do you define real If you’re talking about what you can hear, what you can smell, taste in addition to feel, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. – Morpheus (The Matrix)Components to VRIllusion of Presence TacticalStrategicNarrativeSpatialIllusion of PlausibilityExteroceptive InteroceptiveObstaclesSimulation SicknessMarketplaceHardware LimitationsInput devicesBody trackingEyes/ FaceH in addition to sHaptic devicesDependencies on Tethers

Best PracticesA wide field of view (80 degrees or better)Best PracticesAdequate resolution (1080p or better)Best PracticesLow pixel persistence (3 ms or less)

Best PracticesA high enough refresh rate (>60 Hz, 95 Hz is enough but less may be adequate)Best PracticesGlobal display where all pixels are illuminated simultaneously Best PracticesGood Optics (at most two lenses per eye with trade-offs, ideal optics not practical using current technology)

Best PracticesOptical calibrationBest PracticesRock-solid trackingtranslation with millimeter accuracy or better, orientation with quarter degree accuracy or better, in addition to volume of 1.5 meter or more on a sideBest PracticesLow latency (20 ms motion to last photon, 25 ms may be good enough)

Market ForecastHardware: $4.6bn Software: $4.6bn ARPPU: $12.52018 the future of Virtual Reality“Compelling consumer-priced VR hardware is coming . It’s as long as real this time — And we think it’s possible that it could trans as long as m the entire entertainment industry.” – Michael Abrash, Chief Scientist, OculusVRQ&AFurther ReadingHistory of Virtual Reality: illusion in addition to plausibility can lead to realistic behaviour in immersive virtual environments – Best Practices: Forecasts: as long as ecasts-2014-2018/

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