Differences 1. Corporatist Developmental State Main characteristics of East Asian Model



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Differences 1. Corporatist Developmental State Main characteristics of East Asian Model

Dillard University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Political Economy of Taiwan in addition to S Korea ? East Asian Model East Asian Model The so-called East Asian model of economic development was actually a model created by Japan in post-WWII, which has become one of the most interesting topics in the fields of political economy in addition to comparative politics. Main characteristics of East Asian Model 1. Corporatist Developmental State 2. Export-led Economic Development Strategy 3. State policy in addition to intervention 1. Corporatist Developmental State The state intrudes into detailed operations of individual enterprises alongside various measures intended so that promote national industrial policies. For example, Japan: The Ministry of International Trade in addition to Industry (MITI) in addition to the Ministry of Finance Corporate conglomerates, such as Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Fugo, Sanwa, Dai Ichi Kangyo Bank, Toyota, in addition to Hitachi

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Differences between free market economy in addition to ?corporate developmental state? Differences Differences

2. Export-led Economic Development Strategy Such a strategy seeks rapid industrialization initially by exporting relatively cheap products of labor intensive industries, such as textiles, in addition to then by exporting higher value-added products of more capital-intensive industries, such as iron in addition to steel, shipbuilding, in addition to machinery, in addition to finally by exporting more products of technology-intensive industries. Examples: 3. State policy in addition to intervention The first is the practice of targeting the ?strategic? sectors in addition to firms in consideration of state special support starting alongside labor-intensive sectors; The second is a neo-mercantilist trade policy of maximizing exports in addition to minimizing imports; The third is the state attempt so that establish the parameters, rules, priorities, in addition to infrastructures in consideration of the harmonious integration of the component parts of the society in addition to the economy so that achieve the common good of the whole society while each of the component parts is self-motivated in addition to self-managing within state-initiated, organic structures.

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