DIFFRACTION in addition to Forward Physics–2 M. Arneodo, M.Diehl, V.A.Khoze, P.Newman & wit

DIFFRACTION in addition to Forward Physics–2 M. Arneodo, M.Diehl, V.A.Khoze, P.Newman & wit www.phwiki.com

DIFFRACTION in addition to Forward Physics–2 M. Arneodo, M.Diehl, V.A.Khoze, P.Newman & wit

Learn, Juanita, News Director and Morning Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal DIFFRACTION in addition to Forward Physics–2 M. Arneodo, M.Diehl, V.A.Khoze, P.Newman & with a bit of personal flavour Plan 1. New theoretical results presented at the 4th Workshop 2. Selected hot topics: survival of the survival factor, basic soft cross-sections at the LHC 3. What can HERA still provide 4. Selected early LHC measurements to test predictions as long as diffractive processes Apologies to those excellent & enthusiastic speakers, whose results were not (properly) covered (lack of time or / in addition to expertise) by popular dem in addition to Theory Talks Selection: -as seen through the eyes of the needs of Forward Physics Community -minimal overlap with other WGs some overlap : SATURATION JB – nontrivial task of transferring a theoretical description of saturation from HERA to the LHC K. G-B, GW –sensitivity of the Diffractive DIS to the saturation sat. effects quantified- GW (-part) Selection rules mean that central system is 0++ pinning down the quantum numbers CP violation in the Higgs sector shows up directly as azimuthal asymmetries Tagging the protons means excellent mass resolution (~ GeV) irrespective of the decay products of the central system. LO QCD backgrounds suppressed Proton tagging may be the discovery channel in certain regions of the MSSM. Unique access to a host of interesting QCD processes Very schematically: exclusive central production is a glue – glue collider where you know the beam energy of the gluons – source of pure gluon jets – in addition to central production of any 0++ state which couples strongly to glue is a possibility Exclusive Central Production Very promising addition to the ‘party line’ Higgs studies at the LHC in addition to even at the ILC/CLIC (KMR, J.Ellis et al, Manchester group ) (~10 talks) (gg)CED bb

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(P. Bussey, C. Royon) H Improved during this Workshop, coming soon (already a bit outdated) Process WWA spectrum Photon-photon in addition to photon-proton collider @ LHC Extensive Program , ee QED processes QCD (jets ) WW anomalous couplings squark, top pairs BSM Higgs Charginos in addition to p (P. Bussey, J. Nystr in addition to ,M. Strikman) LHC as a High Energy Collider KMR-02

PHOTOPRODUCTION Cross sections as long as various processes. The dimuon process may be good as long as LHC luminosity monitoring. W+W- has a large cross section of 100 fb. (P. Bussey ) Recently -renewal of the interest KMR-02 BAD NEWS Exclusive Channels in pp -collisions G. Watt, L.Motyka, A.Martin, J.Nystr in addition to (GW, LM, JN) exclusive J/ from HERA data as an independent source of in as long as mation on unintegr. gluons, needed as long as the H-Central Excl. Higgs Production (TT,GW) Exclusive production at the LHC as probe of unintegrated gluons (GW, AM) in a peaceful coexistence a nice way to search as long as the Odderon ( LM, AM, JN) a potential discovery channel Give us unintegrated gluons in advance (P.Bussey )

(ALICE, LHCb) (L. Motyka, A.Martin) g exch odderon exch (R. Schicker, , J/ – RG) G. Watt, L.Motyka (good agreement with J.Nystr in addition to in addition to KMR ) (“blessed”) (J. Pinfold)

Selected Hot Topics Importance as long as the Forward Physics Studies at the LHC Serve as a litmus paper indicator of the level of our knowledge (theory & experiment) on diffractive physics at high energies Account as long as the absorption effects -necessitated by unitarity Survival of the Survival Factor (Regular talks by U. Maor (GLM), A. Martin (KMR) in addition to M. Strikman (FHSW)) S² -a crucial ingredient of the calculations of the rate of the Central Excl. Diffractive processes + Prospects of New Physics studies in the Forward Proton mode qualitatively new stage –a ‘delivery’ of our meetings orders of magnitude differences in theoretical expectations – are a history (not so long ago- between Scylla in addition to Charybdis) new (encouraging) CED Tevatron results available, more results to come (K. Goulianos, J. Pinfold) we are discussing now the differences on the level of a factor of (4-5) (M. Strikman) conflict of interests A killing blow to the wide range of theoretical models. arXiv:0712.0604 , PRD to appear soon (K . Goulianos) PT LO undisputable

FHSW weak (~1/2) suppression (M. Strikman) (a factor of 4-5 diff. ) it might be much worse Approach to the Black Disc Regime (how rapid is it above 2 TeV ) 1. KMR slow (logarithmic) rise by few % at the LHC 2. FHSW BDR as long as energies 2 TeV (soft interactions in addition to hard dipole-proton int. up to ) 3. GLM(M) two components : ‘conservative’ + BDR-like START: at 2 TeV FINISH: BDR, =1 (tot) , (el) , (SD) Bread in addition to butter of TOTEM in addition to ALFA measurements Importance as long as various LHC studies ( e.g. notorious Pile-Up) Low mass SD (DD)- one of the major current limitations on the models ( still not sufficient exp. In as long as mation) KMR-07, A. Martin: relatively low (about 20% below the ‘st in addition to ard’ central value) value of (tot) at the LHC ( S.Sapeta in addition to K. Golec-Biernat-05) , (tot) 90 mb cosmic rays, (early) LHC tests – coming soon inescapable consequence of the absorptive corrections caused by the higher-mass excitations (A.Martin) GLM (arXiv; 0805.0418): (tot ) =110.5 mb, (el) =25.3 mb (GLM)M (arXiv; 0805.2799): (tot ) = 92,1 mb, (el) =20.9 mb KMR (A.Martin) (tot ) =90.5 mb, (el) =20.8 mb GLM(M)- essential improvement of their description of the Tevatron elastic in addition to SD data

th We have to be open-eyed when the soft physics is involved. Theoretical models contain various assumptions in addition to parameters. Available data on soft diffraction at high energies are still fragmentary, especially concerning the (low mass) diffractive dissociation. Selection Criteria as long as the Models of Soft Diffraction A viable model should: incorporate the inelastic diffraction :SD, DD ( as long as instance 2-3 channel eikonal of KMR or GLM(M)) describe all the existing experimental data on elastic scattering in addition to SD ,DD in addition to CED at the Tevatron energies in addition to below (A. Martin; GLM(M), 0805.2799 ) be able to explain the existing CDF data on the HERA-Tevatron factorization breaking in addition to on the CED production of the di-jets, di-photons, , J/, , lead. neutr. at HERA provide testable pre-dictions or at least post-dictions as long as the Tevatron in addition to HERA So far KMR model has passed these tests. Only a large enough data set would impose the restriction order on the theoretical models in addition to to create a full confidence in the determination of S². Program of Early LHC measurements (KMR, A. Martin) LET THE DATA TALK ! What can HERA still provide test higher twists t- depencences (VM, (V)FPS) Odderon searches (From DIS08)

More detailed data on proton dissociation in diffractive J/ production (better statistics, M²-slicing). Improved statistics on exclusive – production (not sufficient at the moment). The ratio of diffractive to exclusive dijets, photo to electroproduction. Transverse momentum distribution of secondaries in the ‘Pomeron fragmentation’. The Extraction of the Bare Triple-Pomeron Vertex a crucial ingredient as long as underst in addition to ing diffraction (e.g. S² calc.) Bare A way to extract the in as long as mation on KMR-06 Importance of an explicit measurement of the Y-system mass spectrum. To per as long as m a full triple-Regge analysis with different contributions quantified. (by integration over ZEUS range) (dress code) (after acconting as long as the second. traject.) 0.2 (A. Martin) Existing (ZEUS) data on J/ -still fragmentary Needed: – improved statistics; -distributions over M²Y -inelast. diffractive data; small size- component (small rescatter. effects)

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Are the early LHC runs, without proton taggers, able to check estimates as long as pp p+A+p Possible checks of: (i) survival factor S2: W+gaps, Z+gaps (ii) generalised gluon fg : gp Up (iii) Sudakov factor T : 3 central jets (iv) soft-hard factorisation (A+gap) evts (enhanced absorptive corrn) (inclusive A) evts with A = W, dijet, U gap gap KMR: 0802.0177 (A. Martin) Divide et Impera y=-ln , =(1-x) High sensitivity to the parameters of models as long as Soft Diffraction LHC with 220m in addition to 420m Forward Taggers TOTEM, ALFA, ALICE (RG)

Backup (M.Strikman) S2 ~ 0.02 Watt (A. Martin)

P. Bussey H Very promising addition to the ‘party line’ Higgs studies at the LHC in addition to even at the ILC/CLIC (KMR, J.Ellis et al, Manchester ) Improved during this Workshop, coming (very) soon

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