Diversity of Surface Active Invertebrate Communities at the DePauw Nature Park in addition to Arboretum

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Diversity of Surface Active Invertebrate Communities at the DePauw Nature Park in addition to Arboretum

Ross, Woody, News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Diversity of Surface Active Invertebrate Communities at the DePauw Nature Park in addition to Arboretum Aaron R in addition to olph, Department of Biology, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN 46135 Differences in capture rates in addition to community composition may be due to differences in as long as est structure in addition to habitat features. The ARB had higher leaf litter cover in addition to higher leaf litter depth than the other sites (see Figure 3). Leaf litter may support higher slug populations because the cover provides shade in addition to moisture as long as protection during the day. The QS in addition to QH sites had higher log cover (see Figure 3). More logs may provide habitat as long as millipedes. Lower leaf litter in addition to higher understory vegetation cover at QS may have contributed to higher captures of invertebrates overall, possibly allowing as long as more mobility throughout the as long as est in addition to ultimately more (see Figure 3). Introduction The newly acquired DePauw Nature Park in addition to DePauw’s Arboretum contain various habitats that have been relatively undisturbed in recent years. These sites each have unique vegetation compositions that differ widely across sites. Surface active invertebrates are an important factor in the as long as est ecosystem dynamics. Until recently there haven’t been any data available about the compositions of either the vegetation or the surface active invertebrates (SAI’s) in the nature park or Arboretum. My project focuses on describing the composition of the SAI community in addition to examining the relationships between the SAI community in addition to habitat characteristics at the sites. Hypothesis Composition of SAI communities will differ relative to habitat characteristics at the sites. Methods Pitfall traps were constructed using 16-oz plastic cups, propylene glycol, chicken wire, in addition to masonite (see Figure 1a). In each of three as long as ested sites, Quarry Hillside (QH), Quarry South (QS), in addition to the Arboretum (ARB), traps were placed at 30m intervals along 3 parallel transects. The transects were located near the edge in addition to interior of each site. The contents of the traps were collected periodically in addition to new cups were installed (see Figure 1b). Samples were frozen until identification. The captured SAI’s were sorted, identified to order (see Figure 1c), in addition to counts were completed as long as 30 traps in QH, 30 in QS, in addition to 15 in the ARB (see Figure 1d). Compiled SAI data were compared with vegetation data. We sampled vegetation at ten r in addition to omly chosen plots within each as long as ested site. Depth of leaf litter was recorded at 12 locations in each plot. In 5-m radius plots, we estimated percent cover of leaf litter, grasses, as long as bs, seedlings, shrubs, bare ground, in addition to water. We counted shrubs, seedlings, saplings, in addition to trees by species in 5m in addition to 11.3m radius plots. We calculated mean trap efficiency (SAI’s/ trap / day) as long as each site, in addition to calculated a Shannon Diversity index, which measures taxonomic diversity in addition to evenness, as long as each site. Vegetation data were compared across sites using 1-way ANOVAs. Results in addition to Discussion We caught a total of 3365 invertebrates during the study. The most numerous were isopods (690), millipedes (578), ants (426), springtails (267), beetles (250), in addition to spiders (233). Traps were most successful at QS, with the highest number of trap days, highest total number of captures, in addition to highest capture rates. The traps were damaged in addition to destroyed the most at the ARB, probably by raccoons in addition to opossums. The Shannon diversity index as long as the invertebrate community did not differ between the three sites (see Figure 2). The composition of the invertebrate community differed between the three sites (see Figure 2). The ARB had a higher percentage of ants in addition to slugs caught. QH in addition to QS had a higher percentage of millipedes. Capture rates of springtails were highest at QS in addition to captures of crickets in addition to spiders were highest at QH. Implications in addition to Future Research Further research on SAI communities in addition to habitat relations could address factors such as soil moisture, soil nutrient levels, in addition to soil pH, in addition to how these abiotic factors affect abundance, activity, in addition to diversity of surface active invertebrates. Why leaf litter levels differ among the sites is unknown as well as what this variation indicates. Are lower leaf litter levels indicative of higher decomposition rates by surface active invertebrates Are higher decomposition rates indicative of more rapid recycling of nutrients, thus supporting higher plant growth in addition to higher populations of diverse invertebrate communities Future research is appropriate to address these questions. Abiotic factors such as soil moisture in addition to dead plant biomass are of prime importance in terms of changes in invertebrate communities. Implications are significant in terms of future growth, health, in addition to productivity of as long as est ecosystems. Issues encountered in this specific project include the high volume of traps destroyed, especially at the Arboretum, which possibly can be lowered by hiding traps under nearby low lying brush. Also, invertebrates were identified to order. Identification to species might be a better indicator of the invertebrate diversity. Figure 1. Pitfall trap installed Sample collected Sorting in the lab Final sample a. b. d. c. Figure 2. Forest SAI composition in addition to diversity Figure 3. Habitat Characteristics Acknowledgments A special thanks to my fellow members of TEAM BAADD (Bryan Helm, Vanessa Artman, Dana Dudle, in addition to David Pope) as long as their countless hours of support in addition to uncanny guidance. Thanks to Foster Purrington with the Ohio State Department of Entomology as long as his help in the pitfall trap design. Thanks to Richard Ryl in addition to as long as contributing the collection bottles. I am very grateful to DePauw University in addition to the Science Research Fellows as long as funding this project. And most importantly, to my parents Carl in addition to Sheryl R in addition to olph as long as the unfailing love in addition to support in all that I do.

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