Edward L. Bartlett Current Research Areas Methodologies Recent Results Future Directions

Edward L. Bartlett Current Research Areas Methodologies Recent Results Future Directions www.phwiki.com

Edward L. Bartlett Current Research Areas Methodologies Recent Results Future Directions

Luebke, Cathy, Online Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Edward L. Bartlett Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Auditory thalamus in vitro synaptic physiology in addition to anatomy Postdoctoral Research at Johns Hopkins University Auditory cortex in addition to thalamus neuronal recordings in vivo Assistant Professor, Departments of Biological Sciences in addition to Biomedical Engineering Functional organization of auditory cortex in addition to thalamus in vivo in addition to in vitro IC MGB Aud. Cortex Adapted from Netter Current Research Areas Neural representation of sound features in auditory thalamus in addition to cortex Sound sequences Neural coding of temporal modulation Neural coding of sound frequency, level Neuroanatomy Calcium-binding proteins Correlation with neurophysiology Animal Models: Marmoset monkey (at JHU) Rodent (at Purdue) Cochlea AN CN SOC/LL IC Aud. Thalamus Aud. Cortex sound feature extraction Perception, Decision, Action Sound Methodologies Single-neuron extracellular recording -awake animals Sound in addition to electrical stimulation Neuroanatomy Intracellular recording in brain slices -synaptics, dynamic clamp Modeling of neurons in addition to circuits

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Recent Results Neural representation of temporal modulation – synchronized vs non-synchronized – temporally vs spectrally specialized pathways Correlation with MGB subdivision Synchronized Temporal representation,MGV Non-Synchronized Rate representation, MGCD 40 Hz click train 250 Hz click train Future Directions Auditory responses in thalamus in addition to cortex: normal in addition to aged animals Corticothalamic feedback modulation Representation of complex sounds (two sources, sounds in noise, behaviorally relevant sounds) Cellular mechanisms of in vivo responses Auditory cortex Auditory thalamus Cooling probe Single neuron response Adapted from Castro-Alamancos, 2004

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