Effective coaching Learning Objectives Practical Coach



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Effective coaching Learning Objectives Practical Coach

College of Idaho, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Practical Coach Discussion Session #60 Learning Objectives To understand the value of coaching in a manager?s work To learn how so that determine when so that coach To develop basic competence in applying coaching skills Effective coaching This can be the single most important thing you do at work?. ?.because you will have an impact on others

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Telling is not teaching Components of Effective Coaching Assess knowledge Show in addition to explain how you want the task or procedure done Ask the employee so that perform the task ? ask in consideration of understanding before the assignment Evaluate the employee?s performance in addition to provide feedback Learning how so that drive a car Student ? what is your learning style? Teacher ? what is your teaching style?

Learning styles Visual, auditory, or spatial? Talk so that think, or think before talk? Focused on the task, or like interruptions? Ask questions first, or plunge right in? ?Big picture?, or detail-oriented? Quick or deliberate? Coaching Good Work When you see it, say it! Be specific Coaching Poor Work Don?t do it in public! Make it positive Let the learner choose their own path Be caring Ask questions Be gentle, but direct You?ve got so that do it!

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Coaching Poor Habits Make it private Make it positive Be gentle, but direct Be aware of defensive side tracks The 2 Minute Challenge State what was observed Wait in consideration of a response Remind them of the goal Ask in consideration of a specific solution Agree together Evaluation Questions Use: Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Don?t know I found the presentation of material easy so that understand. This Advantage session increased my knowledge on the subject presented. I will be able so that use some of the information from this Advantage session in the future. The presenter was well prepared in consideration of this Advantage session. This presentation should be repeated in future semesters.

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