Effective Presentations & PostersCynthia D. HollingsworthCoordinator of Instruct

Effective Presentations & PostersCynthia D. HollingsworthCoordinator of Instruct www.phwiki.com

Effective Presentations & PostersCynthia D. HollingsworthCoordinator of Instruct

Gould, Lark Ellen, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Effective Presentations & PostersCynthia D. HollingsworthCoordinator of Instructional DesignIU School of NursingCopyright © 2000. Updated 2014 Cynthia D. Hollingsworth. All rights reserved.ObjectivesSelect color schemes that support messageUse visual display to rein as long as ce purposeMotivate audience to action1Workshop TopicsTemplatesColorsLayoutTypographyVisualsTipsPosters2

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You ARE IUUse IU Br in addition to ed Templateshttps://iu.box.com/presentationtemplates 3Computer Display vs Printed Page ColorsComputer displayRed, Green, Blue (RGB)Printed pageCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK)4Color Wheel5

TemperaturesCool colors (blues, greens) –backgroundWarm colors (reds, yellows) – as long as eground6ContrastsGreatest contrast – primary color pairs Least contrast – secondary color pairs7Complimentary PairsSecondary color + opposite primary color8

Contrasts9Energy, clarity &sharpnessConfusing & overwhelmingSoothing &subtleBoring & bl in addition to Color Associations10 Vibrancy, energy Growth Serenity Royalty Earthy PurityImplications: national, cultural, religious, holidaysPage Layout11L in addition to scapeElectronic PresentationPortraitNot

Prominence121Most prominent2Next prominent3Least prominentPoint OrderFirst point & the title receive greatest attentionMiddle points receive less attentionLast point receives almost as much attention as the first point13Building a Slide14One TopicConcise PhrasesMinimal punctuationParallel constructSPELLING, SPELLNIG, SPELLING

Type SizeBody text – minimum of 24 pt (this is 32 pt)Title text – 36 to 44 pt1516FontsTypeSans Serif has no “feet”Serif has “feet”AttributesUse Mixed CaseDon’t use ALL CAPS except titles Apply only 1-2 attributes– THIS IS HARD TO READNote: Make sure fonts are installed17General Text PointsAlignmentLeft – body text in addition to titlesJustify – nothingAbbreviations & AcronymsPE (Pulmonary edema Physical education Pulmonary embolism)Punctuation –minimal or none

18Personalize Graphics19Enrich Graphics20Clipart vs. Photos

21Size MattersGraphs22Complementary colorsSufficient color contrastExplanatory keyClean linesGraphs23Pie charts that build focus the users’ attention on key components

Gould, Lark Ellen Recommend Magazine Contributing Editor www.phwiki.com

Tables24Polish your PresentationTransitionsLeft-to-right or top-to-bottomMinimal “whiz-bang”Auto-timingSufficient time to readBackupPlan as long as technology glitchesPractice; don’t memorize25Presentation TipsUse laser pointerFace your audienceBlock future pointsShow controlsDarken lights over front of roomDim, don’t turn off, lights26

PostersGood resourcehttp://www.makesigns.com/SciPosters-Home.aspx 2728CREDITSKupsh, J. Presentation techniques [online]. (1997, January 3). Sound & Vision Pro. Available: http://www.svpro.com/start.htm (2000, January 11).Radel, J., & Massath, C. Designing effective visuals [online]. (1997, March 19). University Kansas Medical Center. Available: http://www.kumc.edu/SAH/OTEd/jradel/Effective-visuals/VisStrt.html (2000, January 11).–. Underst in addition to ing Color. Hewlett Packard. Walch, S. Step 10: Using visual aids [online]. (1997). The Pennsylvania State University Department of Speech Communication. Available: http://www.la.psu.edu/speech/100a/workbook/step10.htm (2000, January 11).

Gould, Lark Ellen Contributing Editor

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