English III – Vocabulary Lesson 1 accentuate ambiguous

English III - Vocabulary Lesson 1 accentuate ambiguous www.phwiki.com

English III – Vocabulary Lesson 1 accentuate ambiguous

Fletcher, Debi, Features Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal English III – Vocabulary Lesson 1 accentuate introspective ambiguous provocative comprehensive rhetorical felicitous usurp intricacy vernacularverbTo emphasizeMany women accentuate their eyes by wearing eyeliner in addition to mascara.accentuateadjectivevague or unclearThe teacher did not like ambiguous answers; she preferred simple, clear responses.ambiguous

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adjectiveall-inclusive; thoroughFriday’s vocabulary test is comprehensive in addition to will cover all of the words we have learned this semester.comprehensiveadjectivedelightfulThe child’s birthday party was such a felicitous occasion that no one wanted to leave when it was over.felicitousnoundetail; complexityThe frost on the window made a complex design; its intricacy made it one of a kind.intricacy

adjectivethoughtfulWhile it is good to be introspective, it is also important to express what you are thinking.introspectiveadjectivestimulating; pushing toward action, thought, or strong feelingThe politician’s provocative speech brought the crowd to its feet.provocativeadjectivethe effective use of wordsThe attorney demonstrated his rhetorical skills in his closing argument to the jury.rhetorical

verbto take by as long as ceIn the movie Aladdin, Jafar tries to usurp the throne, but Aladdin keeps him from becoming king.usurpadjective everyday language or dialectHe spoke the vernacular of someone who lives in Harker’s Isl in addition to .vernacular

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