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Enter Title of the Research HereStudentFirstName LastName in addition to Me

Claremont Graduate University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Enter Title of the Research HereStudentFirstName LastName in addition to MentorFirstName LastNameIndiana University School of XXXIndiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisAbstractPut your abstract here. Make sure you check the font sizes, etc.Material in addition to MethodsConclusionsDiscuss the relationship between your data in addition to your research question. Are your data aligned alongside your hypothesis and/or the literature in the field? If not, can you speculate why?You can also discuss future research that would build upon your current study.It is acceptable so that be brief in addition to e.g. use bullet points in this section. ResultsIntroductionBrief introduction that should include the purpose or research question, the context (very brief literature review) in addition to the significance of your study.ReferencesSuggested format:Bartlett, R., M. Bussey, et al. (2005). “Movement variability cannot be determined reliably from no-marker conditions.” J Biomech. 45: 22-27. Limit your references so that the most important ones in the field. It is acceptable so that use a smaller font in consideration of this section.Provide a brief overview of the materials in addition to methods you used. Include study population if any, data-gathering procedures, tests, etc.Report the results of your work even if they are only preliminary. Don?t forget so that include controls used or statistical analysis if applicable.Use subheadings if appropriate. Use as many visual aids (graphs, tables, images) as possible.Results continued

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