Environment Intertidal mud runnels in the Severn Estuary

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Environment Intertidal mud runnels in the Severn Estuary

Crockett, Mary Alice, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Environment Intertidal mud runnels in the Severn Estuary as long as further in as long as mation please contact: P. A. Carling1, J.J. Williams2, C.L. Amos1, P.S. Bell3 & I. Croudace1 1Southampton University, 2Plymouth University, 3POL, Liverpool Publications: Carling et al. 2009, Continental Shelf Research, Impact factor: 2.136 Williams et al. 2008, Estuarine, Coastal in addition to Shelf Science, Impact factor: 2.072 Description of Research Multiple linear, parallel runnels typically 1 to 2 metres apart, running parallel to tidal currents in addition to cut into mudflats in addition to in the muddy bottom of the continental shelf, have been described widely around the coast of the UK in addition to elsewhere. Although common they are little-studied; how these features are as long as med in addition to maintained was unknown be as long as e this investigation. Are they erosional in addition to depositional, or both What are their hydrodynamic in addition to sedimentological properties What practical applications are there as long as underst in addition to ing of these features These questions were addressed using state-of-the-art field in addition to laboratory equipment . Application of Research A model of hydrodynamic control by helical flow in addition to sedimentological response has been developed, as long as the first time. Quantified conditions of bed roughness, flow speeds in addition to suspended sediment regime can be extracted which aid underst in addition to ing of mudflat dynamics in addition to substratum stability indicators. Results can in as long as m the management of the sediment fauna as a food source as long as conservation of wading birds in addition to aid in underst in addition to ing of the impact of estuarine barrages on sediment dynamics. Additional applications to exploration of the continental shelf in addition to the interpretation of possible water-related l in addition to as long as ms on Mars

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