Ergonomics Principles of motion economy (see text pp. 566-567) Use of the h


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Ergonomics Principles of motion economy (see text pp. 566-567) Use of the h

Culver-Stockton College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Productivity definition measures People as key resource Quality of Work Life Work design job content work environment work methods Total Quality Management philosophy Work Improvement in addition to Productivity: Outline Productivity Productivity = measure of ______________________ What are some measures of productivity? How can you increase productivity? P = Increasing Productivity Increase ___________ Decrease __________ Increase ___________

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Quality of Work Life Recognition of ______ as highest order resource Guided by ____________________ ______________, _________, in addition to _____________ increase productivity Take an __________ approach so that employee satisfaction Improving Work Design/EE Satisfaction Job content use ______________ delegate ____________ Work environment comfort safety in addition to health reduce ___________ _____________ planning Work methods Equipment design minimize ____________ directions in consideration of use: ________ consider _______________ constraints group ingredients in addition to equipment according so that ______ design environment in consideration of comfort, satisfaction, prevent fatigue

Ergonomics Principles of motion economy (see text pp. 566-567) Use of the human body Arrangement of the workplace Design of tools in addition to equipment Improving Work Methods Benefits ____________ better, safer working conditions ___________ control productivity, maybe _______ standard hrs actual hrs X 100 Efficiency = Efficiency calculations Think of ?standard hours? as ?target hours? in consideration of the task Suppose your target is .633 hours per patient meal; you need so that make 8000 meals. It took you 5,311 hours so that produce the meals. What is your % efficiency? target hrs actual hrs X 100 Efficiency =

Bar Preparation in addition to Bar Study Loans Bar Applications Current Lenders Financial Considerations Things You Should Know Before you Borrow I have my money. Now What? Important Things so that Think About Valparaiso Bar Prep: Upcoming Presentations

Improving Work Methods Determine ___________ use same tools as in consideration of evaluation Set standards develop from objectives benchmarking Plan in addition to implement improvements _________ in addition to _________ Setting Standards Determine __________ time required in consideration of a task = a + 4m + b 6 a = ?least? time needed b = ?most? time needed m = ?most likely time? Use __________________ labor minutes/meal can?t apply universally ___________ = comparison so that other organizations Meal equivalents/Labor hours Minutes labor/total meals Total meals served/day divided by labor hours/day Trays/minute Payroll cost/meals served Sales/square foot FTEs/day or FTEs/week Food cost % Labor cost % Clinical consults/patient day These are often quoted benchmarks:

Work Simplification Tools work sampling continuous intermittent pathway chart operation chart process chart product person micromotion studies Tools Pareto chart so that decide #1 problem Fish diagram in consideration of cause in addition to effect Critical Path Method PERT: Program Evaluation in addition to Review Technique Work Simplification ?Work smarter, not harder? How? ?We can?t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.? Albert Einstein ?There is always a better way?

Performance improvement vs. Problem solving Select task so that be improved Analyze current method Challenge each detail Develop a better approach Implement new plan *Follow up* Define the problem Determine the root cause Determine alternative solutions & consequences Select best alternative Develop action plan Implement action plan Document results Follow up National Restaurant Assc. Educational Foundation. (2007) Manage First Program, Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, chapter 9. Tools in consideration of problem-solving identify main problem check sheets Pareto charts scatter plots, histograms cause-and-effect diagrams brainstorming analyze charts Finding the Better Way Eliminate the unnecessary Combine operations Change sequence Use multi-use equipment Relocate equipment Reduce need in consideration of transport Use a different product Change procedures

Total Quality Management Philosophy Focus on _______ rather than _________ Focus on _________ rather than __________ Key strategies: manage in consideration of CQI: ________________________ employees participate in decision-making ________________ TQM seeks so that identify in addition to remove barriers so that performance seeks so that reduce _________in the process takes a _________ approach looks at the long-term TQM managers must: build open, trusting relationships build _________ base tools on facts support results through ______________ create a ___________ environment

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