Essence in addition to Accident Inherent Difficulties Complexity Con as long as mity Changeability I

Essence in addition to Accident Inherent Difficulties Complexity Con as long as mity Changeability I

Essence in addition to Accident Inherent Difficulties Complexity Con as long as mity Changeability I

Frost, Karie, Fashion and Beauty Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Essence in addition to Accident Inherent Difficulties Complexity Con as long as mity Changeability Invisibility Essence difficulties inherent in the nature of software Accidents difficulties encountered but not inherent Software Engineering Processes attempt to maximize QUALITY in the as long as m of: Reliability Portability Efficiency Human Engineering Testability Underst in addition to ability Modifiability Software Engineering Processes Why Issues concerning software quality Relative costs of fixing faults Price per as long as mance factors Product size increase leads to larger teams

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What are the phases in the lifecycle of a software product Requirements Specifications Design Implementation Integration Maintenance Retirement Requirements Phase “What I need, not what I said I needed” What does the problem require in terms of the solution Written document Customer driven Requirements testing Rapid prototype Mock-up Partial system Specifications Phase What the developer wants to know: What does the product do What are the constraints on the product Acceptance criteria Frequent problems with a spec: ambiguous incomplete contradictory Specifications testing SQA reviews

Design Phase How does the product do what it is supposed to do Analysis of the problem Structured analysis : decomposing problem by how data is manipulated (acted upon) Object-oriented analysis: decomposing problem by how data is represented Developer must make design decisions about: algorithms data representations I/O interfaces data flow modules Design testing traceability Implementation Phase Initial CS courses have to focus on this element first Code Documentation Tests Implementation testing desk checking test cases reviews Integration Phase Putting it all together Composition order Integration testing interfaces Testing does it meet the specs product testing by SQA acceptance testing by customer

Maintenance Phase In the user’s h in addition to s Maintenance testing changes regression testing Retirement cost-effective Why operation documentation turnover Kinds of maintenance Corrective Adaptive Perfective Preventive Specification principles Separate functionality from implementation A process-oriented systems spec language is required A spec must encompass the system of which the SW is a component A spec must encompass the environment in which the system operates A system spec must be a cognitive model A spec must be operational The spec must be tolerant of incompleteness in addition to augmentable A spec must be localized in addition to loosely coupled Analysis principles in addition to issues What differentiates one analysis technique from another hueristics in addition to notions point of view notation modeling approach What things are common about analysis methods hierarchical representation external in addition to internal interfaces design in addition to implementation foundation no focus on constraints or validation

Analysis principles in addition to issues Analysis is in as long as mation-driven First provide a mechanism as long as representing info then derive function in addition to behavior Common characteristics mechanism as long as info domain analysis approach as long as functional in addition to /or behavior representation definition of interfaces mechanisms as long as problem partitioning support of abstraction representation of essential in addition to implementation views Testing Testing cannot show the absence of defects, it can only show that software defects are present. Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding an error. A good test case is one that has a high probability of finding an as yet undiscovered error. A successful test is one that uncovers an as yet undiscovered error. Testing Methods Black-box testing Knowing the specified function that a product has been designed to per as long as m, tests can be conducted that demonstrate each function is fully operational. White-box or glass-box testing Knowing the internal workings of a product, tests can be conducted to ensure that “all the gears mesh”. independent paths at least once logical decisions both true in addition to false loops internal data structures

Development Testing Debugging approaches brute as long as ce backtracking cause elimination Be as long as e you fix Is the cause of this bug also reproduced elsewhere What new bug might I be putting in What would have prevented this bug Software Configuration Management Change is inevitable Activities of SCM ID change control change ensure that change is properly implemented report change to others SCM output programs documentation data structures SCM is not the same as maintenance Systems Engineering Issues Takes customer-defined goals in addition to constraints in addition to derives a representation of function, per as long as mance, interfaces, design constraints in addition to in as long as mation structure that can be allocated to each of the generic system elements available.

Software Engineering Notes as long as CSE1320 Intermediate Programming Sources The Mythical Man-Month, Brooks, Frederick P.; Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, (Reprint)1982 “No Silver Bullet: Essence in addition to Accidents of Software Engineering,”, Computer, Vol. 20, No. 4 (April 1987) pp. 10-19 Software Engineering,Schach, Stephen R.;Aksen Associates Incorporated Publishers, 1990 Software Engineering, A Practitioner’s Approach,Pressman, Roger S.;McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1992 Software Engineering, Design, Reliability, in addition to Management,Shooman, Martin L.;McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1983 Software Engineering Metrics in addition to Models, Conte, S.D., H.E. Dunsmore, V.Y. Shen;The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc., 1986

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