Ethics lecture To publish research in psychology must first be approved be


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Ethics lecture To publish research in psychology must first be approved be

Duke University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Ethics lecture To publish research in psychology must first be approved be a board or committee at the institution you are working at. Institutional Review Board (IRB) APA guidelines see table 7-2 (pages 204-205) Brief overview of ethical issues We will consider these issues in relation so that the film ?Obedience? informed consent purpose of study risks involved right so that terminate study can only be dispensed alongside if research would not reasonably be assumed so that create distress or harm. Informed consent can be a problem Bias responding If people knew the nature of the study they could act in a way that makes them look good demand characteristics Bias sample might lead so that a certain kind of person those that want so that shock people

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deception not so that be used if the research is reasonably expected so that cause physical pain or severe emotional distress debriefing offer participants a prompt opportunity so that obtain appropriate information about the nature, results, in addition to conclusions of the research. Take reasonable steps so that correct any misconceptions that participants may have if which the psychologists are aware. Anonymity in addition to Confidentiality collect data using code numbers keep data confidential in addition to secure identities kept confidential in write ups Milgram film Milgram study Were the participants fully informed? was there deception involved? Do you think that the procedure could have caused psychological stress? Debriefing? Milgram has said that he believes the participants were better off better understanding of themselves. Post interview 84% said glad so that have participated 74% said they benefited from the experience 1% said sorry they had participated

Institutional Animal Care in addition to Use Committee (IACUC) APA guidelines see table 7-3 (page 212) Point 5 ? Psychologists use a procedure subjecting animals so that pain, stress, or privation only when an alternative procedure is unavailable in addition to the goal is justified by its prospective scientific, educational, or applied value


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