European Solutions Floor Plans Models Combined Heat in addition to Power Photovoltaic

European Solutions Floor Plans Models Combined Heat in addition to Power Photovoltaic

European Solutions Floor Plans Models Combined Heat in addition to Power Photovoltaic

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Models3D VisualisationInitial ESP-r ModelCombined Heat in addition to PowerAverage plant costs: £1,000/kWFuel: Biomass (wood fuel or household waste)Energy content of wood fuel = 17GJ/tThe energy content of garbage is about 7.5 GJ/t just by burning trash every yearPhotovoltaicInsolation in Glasgow:The media 2.38 kWh/m2/dayThe typical efficiency as long as the PV panels are 12%-25%. We will take 18%. We can obtain 156.37 kWh/m2/year.An approximately price as long as the PV panels is £ 800 /m2.

Wind powerTransportOur entire transport system must be one that is powered completely by renewable energy. Battery electric vehicles will be the technology that enables this.For the local building materials electric vans to transport them (short distances).Install an electric bus service to the community, including two routes, one to Glasgow in addition to one to Auchinleck. Encourage bicycle use by building bike lanes.SOME CHARACTERISTICS80% of the battery is charged in 2.5 hoursA full charge costs from 0,9-1,1 €.The cost per Km is 6 times lower than a diesel vehicle.Autonomy 55,65 in addition to 120 km respectively.Recycling wasteThe household waste created by the average person in the United Kingdom is around 495 kg per year. around 30,000kg as long as the whole community.Municipal Waste management is dependent on how waste will be converted into energy.Possible measures : Waste separation, recycling, compost

Recycling RainwaterIn 2006, the average Scot was recorded as using 140 litres of water per day in a variety of ways: personal washing, brushing teeth, flushing the toilet, washing clothes, etc. Filtered rainwater is clean water that can be used as long as toilet flushing, laundry, car washing in addition to garden use.This accounts as long as 57% of the total domestic water use. Project PlanAny questions

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