Evidence as long as God from Cosmology Richard Deem Evidence as long as God The Greatest Disco

Evidence as long as God from Cosmology Richard Deem Evidence as long as God The Greatest Disco www.phwiki.com

Evidence as long as God from Cosmology Richard Deem Evidence as long as God The Greatest Disco

Rufus, Anneli, Freelance Book Reviewer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Evidence as long as God from Cosmology Richard Deem Evidence as long as God The Greatest Discovery (COBE, 1992) “unbelievably important They have found the Holy Grail of cosmology” Michael Turner (University of Chicago) “It is the discovery of the century, if not all time” Stephen Hawking (Cambridge University, UK) “What we have found is evidence as long as the birth of the universe. It’s like looking at God.” George Smoot (UC Berkeley – COBE project leader) Relativity vs. The Newtonian Universe Michelson in addition to Morely (1887) Velocity of light Einstein (1905) Special Relativity (E = mc2) Einstein (1915) General Relativity

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General Relativity – Einstein Discovers God where: =density p=pressure G=constant of gravity c=speed of light Origins of the Big Bang Theory Vesto Slipher (1914) “Nebulae” receding from the earth Alex in addition to er Friedman (1922) Expansion of the universe Hubble (1929) Law of Red-Shifts Hot Big Bang Model George Gamow (1946) First hot big bang model Bell Labs (1965) First background radiation measurement Cosmic Background Explorer (1992) Ripples in background radiation

Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) Universe is a perfect radiator (to 1 part in 10,000)- background temperature of 2.726°K (1990) Refined COBE measurements showed irregularities of 1 part in 100,000 (1992) COBE DMR Alternate Models Infinite/eternal Universe Steady State Universe Oscillating Universe The Hartle-Hawking Model Quantum Cosmology

Infinite/Eternal Universe Problems Paradox of the Dark Night Sky Light decreases 4-fold with doubling of distance Volume (or number of stars) increases 8-fold with doubling of distance Steady State Universe No stars greater than 16 billion years old No newly as long as med galaxies (all as long as med at same time) Oscillating universe Only 10-50% of matter needed as long as collapse (open universe) A collapse would lead to “Big Crunch” instead of bounce

The Universe as an Engine The Hartle-Hawking Model Quantum physics invoked prior to 10-43 second, to eliminate the singularity Requires use of imaginary time Problems in Quantum Cosmology Observer based – who is the observer The universe represents a very long quantum “moment”

Implications of Big Bang Time, space, matter in addition to energy all came into existence at once Time is a created dimension Objections to the Big Bang “philosophically unacceptable” (atheist John Maddox, “Down with the Big Bang”in Nature) “smacks of divine intervention” (Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time ). Evidence as long as God’s Existence from Design Divine Watchmaker (William Paley) Refuted by: David Hume Charles Darwin Recently by: Stephen Jay Gould Richard Dawkins

New Watchmaker Argument Based upon measurable parameters Probabilities calculable from the observable universe Tolerance as long as change (fine tuning) calculable from physical laws A “Just Right” Universe A “Just Right” Galaxy

Rufus, Anneli East Bay Express Freelance Book Reviewer www.phwiki.com

Rufus, Anneli Freelance Book Reviewer

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