Exam 1 Review Fluid Statics Above the rim so it spills over. At the rim—same place as be as long as e.

Exam 1 Review Fluid Statics Above the rim so it spills over. At the rim—same place as be as long as e. www.phwiki.com

Exam 1 Review Fluid Statics Above the rim so it spills over. At the rim—same place as be as long as e.

Wilgoren, Pete, Executive Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Exam 1 Review Fluids— Density Pascal’s Law, Pressure vs. depth Buoyant as long as ce Equation of continuity Bernoulli’s (pressure, velocity, depth)2. Waves— Transverse vs. longitudinal waves Frequency, period, wavelength Waves on strings, sound waves Antinodes, nodes Doppler effect (sound in addition to light) Pipes in addition to strings—ResonancesFluid Statics

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Extra Credit Home Activity: A Helium Balloon is tied to the floor of a car. When the car stops, which direction does the balloon moveToward the front of the car.Toward the back of the car.Toward the left of the car.Toward the right of the car.Stays in the same place relative to the rest of the car.A block of wood floats in a bowl of water. On top of the block there is a lead weight attached. The block turns over so that the lead weight is under water still attached to the floating block. When this happens, the water level in the bowl(a) goes down.(b) remains unchanged.(c) goes up.

A crate is placed in a boat. The boat sinks a little to displace more water, but doesn’t “sink.” What can you say as long as sure about the amount of new water displacedIt has the same volume as the crateIt has less volume than the crateIt has more volume than the crateIt has a weight less than the crate’s weightIt has a weight equal to the crate’s weightIt has a weight greater than the crate’s weightDiscussion question: A glass is filled to the top with ice in addition to water. When the ice melts, where is the water levelAbove the rim so it spills over.At the rim—same place as be as long as e.Below the rimFluid Dynamics

Blood flows through a coronary artery that is partially blocked by deposits along the artery wall. Through which part of the artery is the flow speed largestThe narrow part. The wide part.The speed is the same in both parts. A blood platelet drifts along with the flow of blood through an artery that is partially blocked by deposits. As the platelet moves from the narrow region to the wider region, it experiences an increase in pressureno change in pressurea decrease in pressureWaves Basics

Waves On StringsTwo strings, one thick in addition to the other thin, are connected to as long as m one long string. A wave travels along the string in addition to passes the point where the two strings are connected. Which of the following does not changes at that point:frequencyvelocitywavelengthJoshua 1:9Have not I comm in addition to ed thee Be strong in addition to of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: as long as the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Sine WavesYou hear a violinist playing a series of notes on a string of decreasing wavelength. As the wavelength decreases, the wave speed in the stringDecreasesIncreasesStays the sameA sinusoidal wave propagates on a string. The tension in a string remains fixed, but the frequency is doubled. What happens to the wavelength(a) The wavelength is halved.(b) The wavelength remains unchanged.(c) The wavelength is doubled.

St in addition to ing Waves Intensity A sound increases from 50dB to 90dB. How much does the intensity increase(a) 40 times.(b) 400 times.(c) 10,000 times.(d) 40,000 times.(e) other.

ResonanceDoppler ShiftsWindy Day

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A stationary observer hears a pitch from a source that moves towards him, the observed frequency will be — the source frequency Lower thanThe same as Higher than

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