External Flow: The Flat Plate in Parallel Flow Chapter 7 Section 7.1 through 7.3

External Flow: The Flat Plate in Parallel Flow Chapter 7 Section 7.1 through 7.3 www.phwiki.com

External Flow: The Flat Plate in Parallel Flow Chapter 7 Section 7.1 through 7.3

Stewart,, Midday Gospel Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal External Flow: The Flat Plate in Parallel Flow Chapter 7 Section 7.1 through 7.3 Physical Features Boundary Layer For rough surface, the flow may be turbulent throughout . Physical Features (cont.) Thermal boundary layer development may be delayed by an unheated starting length: Thermal Boundary Layer

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Similarity Solution Similarity Solution as long as Laminar Boundary Layer The x-momentum in addition to energy equations (PDE) can be trans as long as med into ordinary differential equations (ODE): Similarity Solution (cont.) Numerical solutions to these ODE equations yield the following results as long as local boundary layer parameters: Similarity Solution (cont.) How would you characterize relative laminar velocity in addition to thermal boundary layer growth as long as a gas An oil A liquid metal How do the local shear stress in addition to convection coefficient vary with distance from the leading edge Average Boundary Layer Parameters: The values of the fluid properties are determined at the film temperature:

Turbulent Flow Turbulent Boundary Layer Boundary Layer Equations ( as long as laminar flow) is invalid Experiments have to be conducted Local friction coefficient by measuring velocity gradient at wall Local heat convection coefficients found by measuring temperature gradient at wall Experimental determination of overall average heat convection coefficient: Turbulent Flow Correlations of Experimental Data Local coefficients as long as Turbulent boundary layer on flat plate: Turbulent Flow Experimental Data as long as Average Coefficients

Turbulent Flow Correlations of Experimental Data Average heat convection coefficient: Similarly, average friction coefficient can be found as: For fully turbulent boundary layer: Special Cases Unheated Starting Length (USL) in addition to /or Uni as long as m Heat Flux For both uni as long as m surface temperature (UST) in addition to uni as long as m surface heat flux (USF), the effect of the USL on the local Nusselt number may be represented as follows: Special Cases (cont.) For UST, the local heat flux in addition to total heat transfer rate: For USHF, the local surface temperature can be found as: Evaluate fluid properties at the film temperature:

Problem: Orientation of Heated Surface Problem 7.21: Preferred orientation (corresponding to lower heat loss) in addition to the corresponding heat rate as long as a surface with adjoining smooth in addition to roughened sections. Orientation of Heated Surface (cont.) Problem: Conveyor Belt Problem 7.24: Convection cooling of steel plates on a conveyor by air in parallel flow.

Problem: Conveyor Belt (cont.) Problem: Conveyor Belt (cont.)

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