Family Healthy Eating Nutrition 101 Balanced Diet For Women Balanced Meals Breakfast

Family Healthy Eating Nutrition 101 Balanced Diet For Women Balanced Meals Breakfast

Family Healthy Eating Nutrition 101 Balanced Diet For Women Balanced Meals Breakfast

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Balanced Meals 25-40 grams of fiber per day About 15 grams per meal 60-90 grams of protein per day 20-30 grams of protein per meal Lots of healthy fats throughout the day Avocados, Nuts (raw) Cooking: Coconut oil, ghee Grass-fed butter Fatty fish Egg yolks Breakfast Fiber: Avocado (10 g), 2 cups of Spinach (2-3 g), Red Bell Pepper (2-3 g) Protein: 3-4 Eggs (18-24 g) Fat: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to cook the eggs On-the-go Fiber: 2 cups strawberries (6 g), 1 cup of raspberries (8 g) Protein: 1 cup of full-fat unsweetened Greek Yogurt (18 g); Add cinnamon Fat: h in addition to ful of nuts

Lunch Fiber: 4 cups of Romaine lettuce (4 g), 1 cup of carrots (8 g), 3 tablespoons of hummus (3 g) Protein: Turkey patty (20 g) Fat: Avocado or 1 tbsp of olive oil On-the-go Fiber: Apple (4 g), Whole grain piece of bread (12 g) Protein/Fat: 4 tablespoons (2 servings) of almond butter, add cinnamon Dinner Fiber: Baked Sweet potato (4 g), 2 cups of green beans (7 g), ½ cup of quinoa or brown rice (6 g) Protein: meat of your choice or fish like Tilapia (23 g), Salmon (17 g) Fat: 1-2 tablespoons of butter (not margarine) On-the-go Fiber: 10 stalks of celery (6 g), 1 cup raspberries (8 g) Protein: 1/2-1 cup of cottage cheese (14 g) or 3 hard-boiled eggs Fat: Almond butter as long as the celery or guacamole as long as the eggs Snacks Veggie/berry smoothies Bake kale chips Nuts/Trail mix (Try to avoid hydrogenated oils & added sugar) Popcorn (popped in coconut oil) Hard-boiled eggs Veggies & hummus Whole grain toast with avocado in addition to olive oil Fruit (pear, apple, grapefruit, grapes, or other) in addition to nuts Mary’s gone crackers 70%-100% cacao dark chocolate Edamame Quest bar (Only the flavors with no sucralose) Cheese

Reading Food Labels Final Thoughts Start small. Mix new, healthy foods with favorite foods. Plan. Enjoy! Eating Out on a Healthful Diet Tips as long as restaurant meals include: Avoid breaded or fried foods Order salad (w/ dressing on the side) instead of soup Ask as long as steamed vegetables Substitute vegetables as long as potatoes or rice Avoid cream sauces or cheese sauces Order small portions (such as appetizers)

Dietary Guidelines Dietary Guidelines as long as Americans Maintain body weight in a healthy range 30 min/day of moderate physical activity Eat sufficient amounts of fruits in addition to vegetables Choose high fiber foods Avoid TRANS fats (hydrogenated cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, etc.) Consume < 2300 mg of sodium If you drink alcohol, do so moderately To manage body weight in addition to prevent weight gain, engage in 60 min of moderate to vigorous physical activity on most days of the week To sustain weight loss, participate in 60-90 min of moderate physical activity on a daily basis Resources American Dietetics Association: USDA Nutrition Data Hammett, Michael Building Phoenix - Phoenix Channel 11 Host

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