Fee Categories Category I: Systemwide mandatory fees. Fees that must be pai



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Fee Categories Category I: Systemwide mandatory fees. Fees that must be pai

Benedictine University, Springfield College in Illinois, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Cal Poly?s Campus Fee Advisory Committee An Overview: University Fees & the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (?CFAC?) Overview Outline Fees Definition & Authority Executive Order 1054 Classification CFAC Purpose & mission Administration Referenda / Alternative Consultation Process What do we mean by ?fees?? Payments due so that the University by individual students, or on behalf of individual students. Exclusive of refunds, vendor payments, interest earnings, royalties, in addition to gifts. Exclusive of non-student payments in consideration of rents, licenses, in addition to leases. Exclusive of campus recharge programs.

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Flow of Authority Flow of Authority (cont.) Board of Trustees: Resolution in addition to Rules Undergraduate Tuition Fee, Non-Resident Tuition, Application fee CSU Chancellor: Executive Order Establish new campus-based fees President: Adjust mandatory campus-based fees Establish & Adjust certain campus-based fees Collective Bargaining Agreements Exec. Order No. 1054 Effective January 14, 2011 Maintains Campus Fee Advisory Committee Change the terminology from ?Fee? so that ?Tuition? Continues practice of seeking the advice of the campus fee advisory committee combined alongside student referenda and/or alternative consultation processes in consideration of mandatory student fees Maintains the five categories of Fees Maintains the authority in consideration of the establishment and/or adjustment of certain fees depending on category Continues reporting requirements in consideration of all student fees

Fee Categories Category I: Systemwide mandatory fees. Fees that must be paid so that apply to, enroll in, or attend the university or pay full cost of instruction. Undergraduate Tuition Fee (formerly State University Fee) Non-resident tuition Professional Program Fee Application Fee Category II: Campus mandatory fees. Fees that must be paid so that enroll in or attend the university. Academic Fee / Cal Poly Plan Fee Health Services Fee IRA Fee ASI Fee University Union Fee (UU, rec center, in addition to sports complex) Facility Fee (health center) Campus Services Card Fee Categories ? Cont?d Category III: Miscellaneous course fee. Fees associated alongside a state supported course in consideration of materials in addition to services used in course instruction. Category IV: Fees other than Category II or III paid so that receive materials, services, use of facilities, fees resulting from dishonored payments, late submissions, misuse of property, or security deposits. Off-campus Study Abroad programs Commencement Thesis binding Testing Category V: Fees paid so that self-support programs such as Parking, Housing, in addition to Continuing Ed Housing License Parking permits Continuing Ed courses Campus Fee Advisory Committee – Role The role of the Campus Fee Advisory Committee is so that advise the president on Category II fees Advisory vs Oversight Scope of committee limited so that advisory role in establishment and/or determination of Category II fees. Implementation in addition to oversight responsibility of campus administration Receive in advance of implementation. Advise on referendum or alternative consultation. Information vs Advisory President has authority so that adjust Category III miscellaneous course fees within a prescribed range Category IV in addition to V fees may be established and/or adjusted by the President. The Fee committee will be advised of such action.

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Campus Fee Advisory Committee ? Administration ASI President in addition to VP Admin & Finance preside as voting members & co-chairs of the committee in addition to act as back-up in consideration of the other throughout the year VP Admin & Finance schedules the meetings in addition to co-chairs meet prior so that scheduled meeting so that set agenda in addition to distribute material A quorum exists if at least one co-chair is in attendance in addition to at least three voting members are present Total of seven voting members Fee Referendum Process An advisory student referendum may be conducted by the University or ASI as determined by the President Provided minimum requirements of EO 1054 are met, elections are governed by the policies in addition to guidelines of the organization conducting the referendum (University guidelines vs. ASI guidelines) University has delegated the supervision of the election process so that the Vice President in consideration of Student Affairs VP in consideration of Student Affairs responsible in consideration of administrative oversight of elections Fee Referendum Process CFAC?s Role Advise on Election Date Prepare objective statement including financial analysis (staff) Solicit & review Pro / Con statements in consideration of inclusion in voter pamphlet Advise on ballot language in consideration of OGC (Office of General Counsel) review in addition to approval Issue voter pamphlet, ballot, in addition to other information

Fees Web Site fees.calpoly Quick Links on Cal Poly?s Current Students home page Fees in addition to Payment Info Fee Policies Executive Orders, Policies ? Referenda, Alternative Consultation, Campus User & Penalty Fees CFAC Info Background, Minutes, Members Fee in addition to Payment Schedules Current fee amounts, MCF, historical fee data

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