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FEMP Contacts in addition to Resources Questions

Morgan, Erinn, Fashion Contributor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Implementing Renewables Through Your UtilityInnovation Track 10 Partnering with Your Utility To Do Large-Scale Energy ProjectsCh in addition to ra ShahNational Renewable Energy Laboratory August 12, 2015Federal Utility Partnership Working Group (FUPWG) – November 3 in addition to 4 in Houston, TXUESC Workshop Nov. 5-6 after FUPWG (in Houston)2FUPWG in addition to UESC WorkshopPresentation Overview

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Executive Order 13693 “Planning as long as Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade” (March 2015)If project RECs are sold, replacement RECs must be purchased that meet the definitionRevokes various EOs in addition to Presidential Memos – including EO13423, EO13514 in addition to December 5, 2013 Presidential Memo Federal Leadership on Energy ManagementRenewable Priorities (Section 3)(i) installing agency-funded renewable energy on site at Federal facilities in addition to retaining corresponding RECs or obtaining equal value replacement RECs(ii) contracting as long as the purchase of energy that includes the installation of renewable energy on site at a Federal facility or off site from a Federal facility in addition to the retention of corresponding RECs or obtaining equal value replacement RECs as long as the term of the contract(iii) purchasing electricity in addition to corresponding RECs or obtaining equal value replacement RECs(iv) purchasing RECs Double Bonus Credit as long as renewable electric energy generated on Federal or Tribal l in addition to /facilities (per EO13693 Implementing Instructions, p. 26)Executive Order 13693 “Planning as long as Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade” (March 2015)Utility Partnership OptionsGovernment OwnershipUtility Energy Service Contract (UESC) with renewable ECM, either st in addition to -alone or bundled with other ECMsProject implemented using appropriations, in partnership with the utilityPrivate Ownership Utility energy sales agreement Federal agency hosts renewable project as long as utility use UESC with private ownership of renewable ECMMust meet OMB title retention requirementNotesFair consideration must be given to each serving utility All renewable projects (regardless of implementation method) require close coordination with the utility

Utility Energy Sales AgreementContract with the serving utility Utility (or renewable developer) constructs, owns, operates & maintains an on-site renewable project in addition to federal agency purchases the electricity Utilize FAR Part 41 Utility Service (rather than the UESC authority) GSA authorityGSA areawide contract can be usedDepartment of Defense can use 10 USC 2922a long term authorityContract should specify REC ownership (utility may want RECs as long as renewable requirement compliance) If utility keeps RECs, then agency must purchase replacement RECs as long as credit towards RE goalRenewable project owner can take advantage of available tax incentivesHosted Renewable Project as long as Utility UseUtility develops renewable project at federal site as long as utility use, usually as long as renewable portfolio st in addition to ard (RPS) complianceUtility owns, operates in addition to maintains RE project Real estate agreementUtility provides payment or in-kind consideration as long as use of l in addition to In-kind consideration options include energy, RECs, a smaller renewable project as long as agency use, electrical infrastructure, energy security benefits such as right of first refusal in case of grid outagePartnering to Respond to Utility Renewable/REC RFPUtility issues renewable/REC RFPSite seeks industry partner to respond to RFP Industry partner responds to RFP (may be joint bid with federal site)Could be electricity contract in addition to /or real estate agreement Utility will own the RECs (replacement REC purchase required as long as E.O. 13693 renewable goal)Examples: Brookhaven, Ft. Carson, NRELConsTough to predict timing of utility requirements Team must be ready to spring into action

Utility Partnership Advantages/Challenges Project Considerations in addition to Utility CoordinationProject Considerations Site in addition to agency approval requirementsReal estate agreement options include easement, lease or licenseUtilities generally prefer an easement FAR Part 41.501c4 (52.241-5 Contractor’s Facilities), which provides as long as a license, may be usedCompliance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), etc.Electrical considerationsGlint/glare if near an airportOthers

Utility Coordination (regardless of implementation option)Contact the utility early in the process in addition to periodically throughout project development. Discussion topics include: Interconnection process in addition to requirements – application in addition to study requirements, the time required as long as study completion, costs (application fee, study fees, possible equipment upgrade costs) in addition to the current queue as long as interconnection study completionInterconnection agreement – legal review template agreement early in process, contact FEMP as long as assistance Renewable system tie-in optionsAvailable incentives Applicable policies such as net metering, feed-in tariff, virtual net metering/community renewables Utility rate impacts – possible tariff change, st in addition to by charges, etc.Dem in addition to charge impacts if project goes downBest to be very conservative with dem in addition to charge reduction estimates (10% recommended) Example ProjectsMarine Corps Logistics Base Barstow Wind Project1.5 MW wind turbine$4.6 million cost financed by Southern Cali as long as nia Edison$6.1M total, minus $1.5M rebate$515k annual savings15 year termExample: UESC (gov’t ownership)

Partnership with Tucson Electric Power (TEP), who will fund, own in addition to operate the approximately 22 MW DC PV projectSubcontract with industry partner E.ON as long as the system’s design, engineering, procurement in addition to construction managementUtilizes existing GSA areawide contractTEP will provide electric service at Arizona Corporation Commission approved rates 30 year easementFort Huachuca, ArizonaNEPA completed March 2014Interconnected with TEP-owned Fort Huachuca substationApril 25, 2014 ground-breaking ceremonyNovember 2014 operational http://www.armyeitf.com/downloads/ as long as t-huachuca-factsheet.pdfFort Huachuca, Arizona50 MW biofuel-capable plant at Army Schofield Barracks in HawaiiPartnership with Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO)Construction, ownership, operation in addition to maintenance of plant in addition to a 46 kV sub-transmission line to connect plant to HECO grid 10.3 acre l in addition to lease 2.5 acre interconnection easement on Schofield Barracks in addition to adjacent Wheeler Army Airfield Schofield Generating Station Project

Army benefits:Help achieve Army goals of producing renewable energy on Army-owned real propertyEnhance energy security as long as Schofield Barracks, in addition to adjacent sites Wheeler Army Airfield in addition to Field Station Kunia HECO benefits:Quick-start facility Help maintain grid stabilityContribute to grid reliability in addition to continuity if: Tsunami/other natural disaster, due to location away from the shorelineMan-made threat, since located within a secured military installation Progress towards Hawaii’s Renewable Portfolio St in addition to ardSchofield Generating Station Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in progressWill satisfy both federal National in addition to Hawaii Environmental Policy Acts (NEPA in addition to HEPA)Will integrate National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 consultation in addition to public participation requirements January 17, 2014: Notice of Intent published in Federal RegisterJan. 17- March 2, 2014: Scoping periodApril 24, 2014: Draft EIS issued April 24- June 8, 2015: 45 day public comment period http://www.garrison.hawaii.army.mil/schofieldplant/Schofield Generating Station Project BNL serves has PV array hostBP is solar project developer20-year contract between solar developer in addition to utility as long as purchase of 100% of output in addition to RECs20-year easement between BNL in addition to solar developerIn-kind consideration – small PV project & research Peak capacity 32 MW AC, ground-mountedAnnual Energy Output 44 million kWh200 acres of l in addition to , ~160,000 panelsCrystalline solar PV modulesEnergize date November 2011DOE Brookhaven

Partnership between NASA in addition to Florida Power & LightMOU signed December 2007EUL signed June 200810 MW FPL-owned PV project Output feeds into FPL transmission systemSubstation expansion requiredIn-Kind Consideration – 990 kW NASA-owned PV Based on appraised valueFPL constructionOutput feeds into NASA-owned distribution system130 mph wind st in addition to ardNASA Kennedy Space Center in addition to Florida Power & Light Project Summary Nellis AFB PV Array IIHybrid Power Purchase Agreement in addition to Enhanced Use LeaseLocal utility company (NV Energy) will build, own, in addition to operate solar PV arrayAnticipate 19 MW PV array on leased area of 122 acresWill purchase approx 55% of total production at existing tariff rate All power will flow through the Nellis AFBPower not used by Nellis AFB will go to the gridNV Energy will own/sell Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Contemplated lease (payment in kind) is secondary substationWill af as long as d Nellis with much needed energy resiliency/mission assurance by providing redundant primary electric feed to baseWill provide secondary output path to solar PV generating plant by two distribution feeders that will connect to existing substationLease signed 1 Mar 15Project Summary Nellis AFB PV Array IICollaborative ef as long as t between Nellis AFB (99 ABW), Air Combat Comm in addition to (ACC), Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC), in addition to Air Force General Counsel (SAF/GCN) 99 ABW conducted National Environmental Policy Act process, gained acceptance from with other agencies, in addition to coordinated with NV EnergyACC evaluated economic viability, mission impact/encroachment issues, in addition to provided expertise as long as PPAAFCEC provided overall project oversight in addition to served as liaison with senior AF leadership as long as execution in addition to schedulingAFCEC in addition to SAF/GCN led real estate actions in addition to lease development

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FEMP Contacts in addition to Resources David McAndrew: 202-586-7722, david.mc in addition to rew@ee.doe.gov Ch in addition to ra Shah: 303-384-7557, Ch in addition to ra.Shah@nrel.govGSA Areawide Contract In as long as mation: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/184635FEMP Trainings: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/femp/training/FEMP Project Funding Web Site: www1.eere.energy.gov/femp/financing/mechanisms.htmlRenewable Project Financing Mechanisms:http://energy.gov/eere/femp/financing-mechanisms-federal-renewable-energy-projects UESC Resources (some in as long as mation applicable to other utility partnerships): http://www1.eere.energy.gov/femp/financing/uescs-resources.html ResourcesQuestions

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