FETT in addition to IT Background to tablet project The Study Survey 2013 Summary of results

FETT in addition to IT Background to tablet project The Study Survey 2013 Summary of results www.phwiki.com

FETT in addition to IT Background to tablet project The Study Survey 2013 Summary of results

Mella, Ron, Executive Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Teacher Training in addition to Technologies Conference 2013 “Delivering FETT through Blended Learning Dr Denise RobinsonUniversity of Huddersfieldimage source http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2777/4078738436-6d331ab1b6-o.jpgFETT in addition to ITSlow but gradual shift towards incorporation of more elements of ITAs an aid to T&LTo demonstrate how trainees can use with their learnersExpectation/pressure from BIS & LSIS that we incorporate blended learningMisunderst in addition to ing of the cost implications of using blended learningBackground to tablet projectConsortium as long as PCET – Capital expenditure distributed across the partnership; shift to tablet PCs Spring 2011 – distributed one of each (i-pad + Galaxy Samsung) per centreAsked to explore use of the tabletsSteering Committee required an evaluation of use

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The StudyOutcomes of the initial survey revealed a clear distinction in the use of the technology that seemed to be related to perception of the advantages in addition to limitations rather than the actual facilities. These ranged from those who :1) responded to the challenges of technology in addition to were able to harness it; 2) were interested in using the technology but needed considerable support; 3) used the technology as long as personal use only; 4) were overwhelmed by the actual or perceived barriers in addition to resigned themselves to non-use. Survey 2013Initial survey from 2011 – results used to determine focus of questions. Interviews – semi-structured. Undertaken by 2 people (one joint). Pilot interview. Total of 9 – 2 not centre managersSummary of resultsUse of tabs – small hesitant steps. No evidence of technological determinism3. Evidence of aspirations as long as future use4. Support from institutions – varied but improvements c.f to 20115. Laptops – used differently; smartphones – becoming accepted as a learning tool6. IT in FETT – essential to use with trainees as long as the course in addition to to prepare them to use with their learners7. Guide on use of Tablet PCs as long as FETT

ExplosionThe metaphor of the explosion – the experience of most of those interviewed. image source http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2777/4078738436-6d331ab1b6-o.jpgFurther thoughtsTeacher educators to:Develop a personal strategy alongside the institutional vision / strategy Support as long as innovation beyond direct trainingConsider issues when introducing an initiative to a teaching in addition to learning systemIntroducing our Keynote Speaker Julie Hughes is the PL in PCET teacher education at Wolverhampton University. Julie is recognised as a leader in the application of e-learning in addition to has significant publications on e-portfolios in addition to blogging She is a Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellow (2005) in addition to a member of the JISC Learning in addition to Teaching Practice Experts Group.

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