General Tips Preparing in consideration of the Defense Approaching the Defense


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General Tips Preparing in consideration of the Defense Approaching the Defense

College of the Atlantic, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Innovate, Educate, in addition to Transform Preparing in consideration of Your Proposal Defense Doctoral Support Center Presentation Dr. Fischer Approaching the Defense Don?t think about it as an interrogation think of it as a discussion about your study Remember that your committee wants you so that succeed Expect so that receive both positive in addition to constructive feedback regarding your chapters Plan ahead in addition to schedule a mock defense at the DSC * Preparing in consideration of the Defense Contact your academic advisor in your program office so that ensure you pick in addition to have the appropriate forms completed Enroll in the appropriate course Reserve a room through the Ed.D. Program Office *

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Reviewing Your Proposal Chapters 1-3 Submit your best draft of Chapters 1-3 Have you written a clear research question? Is it compelling (have you reviewed the right research?) Have you placed the question in context? (Ch. 1) Is your method in consideration of answering the question the best it can be? Why this method? Why this sample? Have you linked your instrumentation in Ch. 3 so that the literature in Ch. 2, so that concepts you state in your research questions? Is the draft free from typos in addition to grammatical errors? Hire an editor if needed * Preparing the Proposal Defense Presentation 10-15 minutes of presentation by you Remember, they have read in addition to re-read your draft Presentation Guide Statement of the Problem (1 slide) Literature Review (1 slide) Purpose of the Study (1 slide) Research Question(s) (1 slide) Significance of the Study (1 slide) Sample in addition to Population (1 slide) Instrumentation (1 slide) Data Collection (1 so that 2 slides) Data Analysis (1 slide) Time line in consideration of completion (1 slide) Abstract Review Thank You/Questions (1 slide) * General Tips Bring a copy of your chapters alongside any written notes or flagged pages in consideration of easy reference Bring a note pad so that write down any recommendations from your committee Remember that the suggestions/comments from your committee will only lead so that a stronger study Schedule a mock defense or an appointment alongside the DSC so that review your presentation Communicate alongside your chair regarding questions or concerns *

During the Proposal Defense You arrive, they ask you so that leave so that discuss your study. They invite you in, you present your study. Questions/Discussion alongside the committee Why is this study needed? Suggestions in consideration of the method You take notes You leave, they discuss approval of your proposal You come back in, they provide recommendations, in addition to next steps You take notes They sign the forms * After the Proposal Defense Review your notes send an email alongside an overview of the committee comments so that your Chair. Meet alongside your Chair shortly afterwards so that be sure you understand what so that do next. Do they want so that see another draft before you go forward? What in your methodology is changing? Are you adding anything so that Ch. 2? Begin revisions alongside Chapter 3 so that begin the IRB. Complete all revisions within one so that two weeks of your defense date Plan time in consideration of the analysis of your data Congratulations in consideration of achieving this major milestone! * Contact your designated Writing Advisor in the DSC should you have any questions. * For additional resources – dissertationedd.usc / DSC contact information ? rsoedsc@rossier.usc or (213)740-8099

OCDMA Channel Coding Progress Report Main results this quarter The OR Channel Successive Decoding Successive Decoding: The Z-Channel Successive Decoding: Z alongside erasures Successive Decoding Successive Decoding A 3-user example A 3-user example A 3-user example A 3-user example LDPC codes LDPC codes in consideration of asymmetric channels Code Characteristics Simulation of Codes on the Z Channel Simulation of Codes on the Z Channel Another code on the Z channel Simple codes Simple Codes in consideration of Demo Simple codes in consideration of Demo (2) OR Channel Density Transformer Density Transformer Future work in Successive Decoding Joint decoding Future work on Joint decoding

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