GIFT CARDS / GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED – Under extremely rare occasions they may be permitted AFTER approval from the Controller’s Office

GIFT CARDS / GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED – Under extremely rare occasions they may be permitted AFTER approval from the Controller’s Office

GIFT CARDS / GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED – Under extremely rare occasions they may be permitted AFTER approval from the Controller’s Office

Lavender, Julie, News Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal What you need to know! Spring 2010 New Independent Contractor Checklist Foreign National Payments Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Sales Tax New Prize/Award Policy Use this as long as m if: Payment to an individual/sole proprietor Individual to work as long as 5 or more days over a 12 month period.

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Examples of when checklist will not be required (non-employee): Per as long as ming artists (actors, dancers, musicians) Speakers or Guest Lecturers Athletic officials Student teacher supervisors Musical instrument tuners Competition winners Remember!!! If an individual is a current employee, or has been an employee of Ball State within the last 12 months, they should be paid through Payroll. This includes student employees. Contact the Accounting Office if questions on Independent Contractor vs Employee status. PLAN AHEAD!!

If long-term assignment contact Rinker Center as long as International Programs be as long as e invitation is extended If short-term assignment contact Accounting Office as long as procedures Foreign national must complete BSU Foreign National Questionnaire. Foreign National must provide copies of Visa in addition to Passport. Accounting Office will review to determine next step. Accounting Office will provide guidance on next step. Foreign National possesses Visa type that does not allow income earnings in U.S. BSU is unable to pay as long as eign national income.

Foreign National meets Substantial Presence Test. Must be paid as a Resident Alien (RA) Must have a US ITIN Must complete in addition to sign W-9 No taxes withheld Foreign National is resident of country with no treaty exemption Must complete in addition to sign W-8BEN US federal taxes withheld at 30% US ITIN not required, unless as long as eign national filing US tax return Foreign National is resident of country with a treaty exemption Foreign National does not meet substantial presence test US ITIN required to claim treaty exemption Must complete in addition to sign Form 8233 BSU submits 8233 to IRS; wait 10 days as long as negative confirmation, then ok to pay No taxes withheld

Department submits Payment Request Voucher or Foreign Cable Request to Accounting Office (see Formfinder) Attach contract, agreement, in addition to /or any additional documentation Attach tax as long as ms signed by payee (W-9, W-8BEN, or 8233) NRAs – 1042-S – sent by March 15 RAs – 1099-Misc – sent by January 31 Foreign National can be paid more timely But, Must be here on appropriate Visa We must withhold federal income tax at 30% Foreign national can apply as long as US ITIN Foreign national can claim treaty exemption on 1040-NR Foreign national completes in addition to attaches IRS Form 8233

Specifically as long as Colleges in addition to Universities Nature of exemptions Sales Purchases Student Organizations Teaching in addition to Instruction Research Public Service Other University Activities undertaken in the conduct of governmental functions Examples: Sale of food by University to enrolled student “student” : (definition) individual enrolled in as long as -credit classes in addition to seeking an Undergrad or Grad degree. Elementary or High School students registered as long as a summer conference

Examples: Sale of educational materials (excluding books, stationery, or supplies) are exempt if sold to students as these sales are intended to further the educational purpose of the school. Sales of interstate commerce Sales to a purchaser who is entitled to an exemption of its own (government entity, etc) Purchaser must supply the University with a valid exemption certificate Examples: Sale of books, stationary, supplies Sale of computers, software, peripherals Sale of food in addition to drink at athletic, theatrical, artistic, cultural or in as long as mational events. Receipts from the rental of accommodations as long as periods of less than 30 days (innkeepers tax may also apply) except if a student is in a residence hall while participating in a as long as -credit course. State colleges in addition to universities are recognized as governmental agencies that qualify as long as exemption under IC 6-2.5-5-16. Must meet all three requirements: The purchase must be invoiced directly to BSU. The purchase must be paid as long as via government funds; in addition to The purchase must be as long as a governmental function

State educational institutions would be required to collect Indiana sales tax when they furnish or sell an intrastate telecommunication service to students, staff, or faculty. (i.e. long distance, cell phone, etc.) 0-94XXX accounts are used by BSU to designate “recognized” student organizations. They may use the University’s exemption certificate as long as purchases in addition to the University’s Retail Merchant Certificate as long as sales IF: 1. Must be “recognized” by BSU, in addition to 2. Connected with BSU in addition to under BSU supervision, in addition to 3. Student Organization’s records must be maintained by the University as an “agency” account. Unrelated Business Income (UBI) And Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

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Tax imposed on exempt organizations to level the playing field when they are competing with as long as -profit organizations that are per as long as ming the same activities. Trade or Business ( in addition to Profit Motive) Regularly Carried On Not Substantially Related Instruction Research Public Service

Activities of volunteers Items sold as long as the convenience of students or faculty Qualified sponsorship activities Student participation Sale of donated goods or low-cost items Special circumstances Rental of real property Research Gain in addition to losses from the disposition of property Deductible expenses per IRS that apply to as long as -profit businesses Directly connected to trade or business Expenses attributable solely to unrelated business Expenses attributable to dual use of facilities or personnel

If paying by TANGIBLE PROPERTY: (same $$ thresholds apply as Check or ACH Direct Dep) 1. Purchase items using DPO(s) or PO(s) or the Computer showcase/Bookstore) 2. APGI Form (one per person) reference DPO/PO number etc. OR 2. Recipient List ( as long as multiple recipients) reference DPO/PO number etc. Awarding department completes as long as ms in addition to routes to the Accounting Office. If paying by TANGIBLE PROPERTY: cont’d Items under $40 are considered ‘de minimis’ Items valued over $40 requires BSU ID of BSU-related recipients Items valued over $40 requires IRS Form W-9 as long as non-BSU persons Employees – Added to W-2 in addition to subject to all taxes in addition to withholdings Student Employees – Added to W-2 Other students, donors, unaffiliated individuals – Form 1099MISC if over $600 Non-Resident Aliens – Added to Form 1042S

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