Glen as long as d Mapp Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University Motivation as long as the work H

Glen as long as d Mapp Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University Motivation as long as the work H

Glen as long as d Mapp Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University Motivation as long as the work H

Marsa, Linda, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Glen as long as d Mapp Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University Motivation as long as the work H in addition to over Classification Proactive-H in addition to over Mathematical Framework Scenario Location in as long as mation Wireless Footprinting Implications as long as future networking infrastructure Future Plans The Internet will evolve in a physical sense Core of the network Super-fast backbone (optical switching, etc) Fast access networks (MPLS, ATM) Peripheral Wireless Networks Errors due to fading, etc; not just congestion H in addition to over Consequences Degradation of end-to-end arguments

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BACKBONE ACCESS NETWORKS WIRELESS NETWORKS Devices will have more than one wireless interface. Vertical h in addition to over – switching between different network interfaces to provide seamless connectivity Vertical h in addition to over is good but it introduces a lot of QoS issues because the different wireless networks have different qualities of service Affects your connections Some protocols react badly with respect to h in addition to over. Affects your applications Need to think through how Quality-of-Service affects applications Encapsulate these ideas in a Framework

New framework We need to control network interfaces generically Make mobility support explicit Vertical h in addition to over can have tsunami effects Merge network in addition to transport services Make QoS support explicit Provide a way as long as applications to negotiate with the network Security Goal: Integration of Communication, Mobility, Quality-of-Service in addition to Security HARDWARE PLATFORM (MOBILE NODE) HARDWARE PLATFORM (BASE STATION) NETWORK ABSTRACTION (MOBILE NODE) NETWORK ABSTRACTION (BASE STATION) VERTICAL HANDOVER POLICY MANAGEMENT END SYSTEM TRANSPORT QOS LAYER APPLICATION ENVIRONMENTS CONFIGURATION LAYER NETWORK MANAGEMENT CORE TRANSPORT NETWORK QOS LAYER SERVICE PLATFORM CORE NETWORK PERIPHERAL NETWORK SAS NTS NAS QBS SECURITY LAYERS

Can’t explain everything about Y-Comm It’s too big Several people at Middlesex work on it: Mahdi Aiash : Security Fragkiskos Sardis: Mobile environments Also Cambridge, Loughborough in addition to USP Concentrate on the H in addition to over Ferdin in addition to Katsriku & MSc students See Y-Comm Research Webpage: Hard vs Soft H in addition to overs Hard: – break be as long as e make Soft – make be as long as e break Network vs Client H in addition to overs Network – network in control (current) Client – future (Apple’s patent) Upward vs Downward Upward – smaller to bigger coverage Downward – bigger to smaller HANDOVER IMPERATIVE ALTERNATIVE REACTIVE PROACTIVE KNOWLEDGE-BASED MODEL-BASED NETPREF USERPREF CONTEXT SERVICES UNANTICIPATED ANTICIPATED

HANDOVER EXECUTION LAYER INPUT/OUTPUT LAYER POLICY LAYER (PONDER) WLAN GPRS LAN L2 Triggers HIGHER LAYERS Interface In as long as mation Proactive Policy Management The mobile node can know or estimate the network state at a given point be as long as e it arrives at that point Proactive Policies allow us to maximize the use of available channels provided you know the amount of time a channel will be available. That time is known as: Time be as long as e vertical h in addition to over (TBVH) Can significantly reduce packet loss during all vertical h in addition to overs Proactive policies can themselves be divided into 2 types Proactive knowledge-based systems Knowledge of which local wireless networks are operating at a given location in addition to their strengths at that point We also need a system to maintain the integrity, accessibility in addition to security of that data

Knowledge-based approach Gather a database of the field strengths as long as each network around Cambridge Need to maintain the database in addition to also know how the results might be affected by seasonal effects Using a simple mathematical model Define a radius at which h in addition to over should occur Find out how much time I have be as long as e I hit that circle, given my velocity in addition to direction Calculate TBVH Used simulation (OPNET) Can be used in the real world as well as in simulation

Introduction of additional functionality to Base Station at network boundary (BBS). Distance between MS in addition to BBS derived from location co-ordinates or Estimated TBVH Movement of MS under BBS coverage (upward vertical h in addition to off) TBVH simulation in OPNET Modeler:

Extends Fatema’s work which only looked at upward h in addition to over Looks at providing a complete mathematical framework Uses the Law of Cosines Needs accurate location in as long as mation plus h in addition to over radius NET A NET B NET A NET B NET A NET B Complete Coverage Two Networks Intersect Networks are Separate

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Fatema Shaikh’s work CF from upward h in addition to over CE, EG, GH from downward h in addition to over EF = CF – CE = Intersection Distance Maximum Coverage PQ = AQ – AP PQ = R1 – (AB – R2) PQ = R1 + R2 – AB

A B R1 R2 For Separate Networks AB > R1 + R2 (Hard H in addition to over) A B C S T NET A NET B NET C Scenario Three WLANs in a single UMTS cell A H1 C1 C2 B Y1 Z1 E1 Y2 Z2 C Y3 Z3 H3 E2 E3 S T H2 Analysis

Request Granted as requested Channel granted at (Time + TVBH)A Channel released at (Time + TBVH + NDT)A Request Granted but modified ( as long as B) Channel granted at (Time + TBVH + NDT)A Channel released at (Time + TBVH + NDT)B Request not granted Force h in addition to over to other network(s) MN node no longer stuck in queue Much better use of core resources Basic mathematical framework Develop a program as long as mobile phones Better propagation models Use Wireless Footprinting Investigate the implications as long as the core infrastructure New multi-channel allocation scheme based on TBVH in addition to NDT Quantify improvement Show mobile operators how they can provide much better services in this new context

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