Global Production What is outsourcing History of outsourcing Who is outsourcing What is Outsourced

Global Production What is outsourcing History of outsourcing Who is outsourcing What is Outsourced

Global Production What is outsourcing History of outsourcing Who is outsourcing What is Outsourced

Wilson, Dede, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal By Adriana Cedeno And Sonia Luna Global Production Objectives What is outsourcing History of outsourcing Who is outsourcing What is outsourced Jobs outsourced Leading exporters in addition to importers Benefits in addition to the costs of outsourcing Socioeconomic implications as long as the developing nations The Debate What is outsourcing Is a technique used by companies to increase efficiency in addition to effectiveness

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History of outsourcing Who is outsourcing Multinational Corporations Ex. Coca Cola Texas instrument Boeing What is Outsourced Anything in the value chain: Equipment, raw materials, parts, technology, people, in addition to functional areas such as (R&D, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, etc.)

Jobs Outsourced Computer Programmers Pharmacy Technicians Telephone Operators Billing in addition to posting clerks in addition to machine operators Computer Operators Data Entry Word Processors in addition to Typists Tax Preparers Medical Transcriptions Imports in addition to Exports By Country Benefits of outsourcing Lower production cost Economies of scale Economies of scope Specialization Increase sales in addition to revenues Greater capabilities (ex. R&D) Market expansion Innovation No time constrains

Costs of outsourcing Quality decreases Legal in addition to Ethics Transaction costs Managerial issues Cultural differences Political in addition to business uncertainties Copy right infringements Socioeconomic Implications as long as the Developing Nations The Debate Imported technology crowds out local technology in addition to investment Labor Abuses Environmental degradations Corruption FDI’s capital is used in speculative attacks MNC’s relocate to lower-cost production zones

The Debate cont. Pollution in addition to dumping of waste in addition to toxic materials Issues surrounding intellectual property rights: Protecting the interest of MNC’s vs. developing nations Transfer of million of dollars of monopoly profits by MNC’s out of the country Patent rights in agricultural biotechnology Patent rights in pharmaceuticals The Benefits of Outsourcing FDI’s offer benefits of capital as long as mation DC’s can exploit competitive advantage Provides as long as open networks It helps bridge the ties to novel in as long as mation/knowledge acquisition Helps bridge ties among nations Technology transfer No need as long as DC to invest in addition to research Learning by doing process improve productivity & efficiency Potential as long as economic growth It fosters economic development -improving lives Concluding thoughts There is no turning back the clock to globalization Outsourcing is part of the globalization It can help DC’s in addition to increases their potential It can help these nations get out of poverty The benefits outweigh the trade offs How can MNC’s help balance these trade offs Continuing to act environmentally Continuing to be socially responsible Continuing to adhere to universal business ethics Continuing to be proactive in pro-poor initiative Ex: Canada- pro-poor pharmaceuticals

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