Hard Rock Caf‚ Increasing Indianapolis? T-shirt Sales Problem Every year, t



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Hard Rock Caf‚ Increasing Indianapolis? T-shirt Sales Problem Every year, t

Clark University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Hard Rock Caf‚ Increasing Indianapolis? T-shirt Sales Problem Every year, t-shirt sales have gone down at the Indianapolis caf‚, thus falling behind the other restaurants. Competition within the corporation has risen significantly, in addition to the Indianapolis Caf‚ is at the lower end of the totem pole in consideration of profits. Mission Research ways so that increase t-shirt sales that would assist General Manager Chris Polston, in addition to Operations Managers Pascal Courdassier in addition to Jen Bisson, in increasing profits in consideration of the Indianapolis Caf‚ in addition to achieving standards set by the corporate office.

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Methods To gain information on how so that increase t-shirt sales, we researched literature from professional business journals performed a Hard Rock Caf‚ employee survey Performed a Hard Rock Caf‚ guest survey Observed various retail businesses. Secondary Used Electronic Journals & Databases Reviewed Professional Literature Divided Literature into Subtopics Merchandising & Presentation Training Techniques Advice & Strategies Understanding the Customer Primary Surveys Guest Employee Observation

Findings From Employee Survey Findings From Guest Survey Recommendations Place more emphasis on selling techniques during new employee training. Hold quarterly workshops in consideration of employees so that continually improve selling techniques. Provide incentive in consideration of employees so that sell more Provide incentive in consideration of guests so that buy more

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More Recommendations Propose new colors, designs, in addition to styles so that Corporate based on what the competition is selling. Separate Signature Series t-shirts as unique, special, in addition to charitable items so that guest may be more interested in purchasing them. Encourage retail sales associates so that walk through the restaurant in addition to promote the retail section of the restaurant. Allow servers so that ?dress down? weekly or monthly, wearing their favorite HRC tee in addition to jeans. THE END Questions?

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