Healing Through Stretching Stretching in addition to Bone Health Why Stretch When to Stretch How to Stretch

Healing Through Stretching Stretching in addition to Bone Health Why Stretch When to Stretch How to Stretch www.phwiki.com

Healing Through Stretching Stretching in addition to Bone Health Why Stretch When to Stretch How to Stretch

Haapala, Dan, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Healing Through Stretching The Benefits of Stretching in addition to Example Routines Stretching in addition to Bone Health The shape of your bones is determined by the stress that you put on them. Tight tissues create an uneven pull on the bone Relaxed muscles in addition to flexible tissue decrease the risk as long as bone injury Daily stretching increases flexibility in addition to thus increases bone health Why Stretch Because it relaxes your mind in addition to tunes your body Stimulates flow of blood, nerve, lymphatic fluid, in addition to energy currents in your body. Reduces muscle tension, which makes the body feel relaxed Increases range of motion Helps prevent injuries Develop body awareness by recognizing where you hold stress in your body Feel Good

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When to Stretch In the morning after you get out of bed; a long night’s sleep can leave you feeling tight due to inactivity At school or work to release nervous tension (especially during finals!) After sitting or st in addition to ing as long as a long time When you feel stiff How to Stretch The correct way of stretching is a relaxed, sustained stretch. DO NOT bounce up in addition to down when stretching or you will hurt yourself. For the first 10-15 seconds of a stretch take it easy The next 10-15 seconds you can push yourself until you feel mild tension, but don’t over do it or you may hurt yourself. BREATHE! Concentrate on your breathing while stretching in addition to use your breathe to help you relax the muscle groups that you are stretching. The Stretch Reflex Our muscles are protected by a mechanism called the stretch reflex. When you overstretch a nerve reflex responds in addition to sends a signal to you muscles to contract in order to protect the muscle Thus if you overstretch you are fighting this mechanism in addition to tightening the muscle you are trying to stretch.

Stretching Routines to Try at Home From Bob Anderson’s Stretching Morning Stretches Start the day with some relaxed stretches. The first four can be done in bed be as long as e you get up. Then get up in addition to move around a little be as long as e doing the last four stretches. Desk Stretches Long day at school Try these stretches right at your own desk!

Bedtime Stretches Relax your body in addition to your mind is sure to follow! Do these stretches every night be as long as e you go to sleep in addition to you will sleep like a baby.

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