Health content area: personal health in addition to physical activityKyle L


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Health content area: personal health in addition to physical activityKyle L

Capella University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Health content area: personal health in addition to physical activityKyle LeffelGrade level appropriateness: 7-12Physical Activity in addition to FitnessObjectivesDefine Physical Activity in addition to Physical FitnessName 5 benefits of being regularly physically active. Identify in addition to describe the health in addition to skill related components of physical fitness.Describe the FITT PrincipleObjectivesDefine ExerciseIdentify in addition to describe the different types of exercise: Aerobic, Anaerobic, Isometric, Isotonic, in addition to Isokinetic.Describe warm-up in addition to cool-down.Know the 6 Training PrinciplesIdentify at least 5 lifetime sports in addition to physical activities.

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Define Physical ActivityPhysical Activity is any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure. Any form of muscle movement.What is Regular Physical Activity?Define Physical FitnessPhysical Fitness is ?a dynamic state of energy in addition to vitality that enables one so that carry out daily tasks, so that engage in active leisure-time pursuits, in addition to so that meet unforeseen emergencies without undue fatigue?? Physical Fitness is ?the ability so that perform physical activity in addition to so that meet the demands of daily living while being energetic in addition to alert.? Physical Fitness is a set of attributes that people have or achieve, which relates so that the ability so that perform activity. Health Related Physical Fitness ComponentsCardiorespiratory EnduranceThe ability of the circulatory in addition to respiratory systems so that supply oxygen during sustained physical activity.Muscular StrengthThe maximum amount of force a muscle can produce in a single effort.Muscular EnduranceThe ability of the muscle so that continue so that perform without fatigue.FlexibilityThe ability so that bend in addition to move the joints through the full range of motionBody CompositionThe ratio of lean tissue so that fat tissue in the body.

Skill Related Physical Fitness ComponentsAgility The ability so that rapidly change the position of the entire body in space, alongside speed in addition to accuracy.BalanceThe maintenance of equilibrium while stationary or in motion.CoordinationThe ability so that use the senses, such as sight in addition to hearing, together alongside body parts, in performing motor tasks smoothly in addition to accurately.SpeedThe ability so that perform a movement within a short period of time.Power The rate at which a person can perform work (strength over time).Reaction TimeThe time elapsed between a stimulus in addition to the beginning of the reaction so that it.The FITT PrincipleFrequencyThe number of exercise sessions per week in an exercise program.IntensityThe level of exertion during exercise. Time The duration of time in minutes that the proper intensity level should be maintained so that develop the maximal oxygen uptake, also known as aerobic power.The maximal capacity in consideration of oxygen consumption by the body during maximal exertion.Type (mode)Activities that are selected on the basis of individual functional capacity, interests, time, availability, equipment in addition to facilities, in addition to personal goals/objectives. Define ExerciseExercise is not synonymous alongside physical activity. Exercise is a type of physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive, in addition to purposive, in the sense that improvement or maintenance of physical fitness is an objective.

Propensity Score Models General Overview My orientation Propensity models Counterfactuals The process of Matching 3 Key Compondents Range of Common Support Balanced Observed Covariates Assumption(s) Part 4: Empirical Example Add on so that Stata Moving into stata Two quick notes Sensitivity Tests A few concluding comments Thank you!

Exercise PrinciplesLifetime ActivitiesClosureUse this knowledge so that your advantage! Get out there, get in shape, in addition to have confidence while doing it!

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